Ticks are bonkers this month!

Friends have been comparing notes on ticks. Have you been finding many this spring?

[Dog tick pics: in the car, in the grass, on the sheets hanging on the clothesline, on the rocks at the beach. They move surprisingly fast. Deer tick pics next.]

2 thoughts on “Ticks are bonkers this month!

  1. YES there are sooo many ticks this year!! The long spring we are having (instead of our normal winter straight to summer temps) let them thrive! My groomer said she has spent an hour taking ticks off of some of the dogs coming in. We almost lost our pup to anaplasmosis / ehrlichia a few years ago, and she grew a tumor on her gums after using a serresto collar for two months, so we do not take it lightly . We use diamaceous earth lightly dusted on her beds (kills bugs), and right now use a picardan 20% spray every 6hrs when outside. ❣️

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    1. Thanks for writing, Jenna and for the comp from the Vet–wow!– and helpful tips for pets. I had to remove three wood ticks — after sitting on the rocks–didn’t feel them bite, of course. Also never have seen/had tick bites on the rocks. Prior was off wood trails and grass.


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