An Update on The Gloucester Fire Department 1874 Post

FOB David Collins read yesterday’s Gloucester Fire Department 1874 post and offers the following (very interesting) update:

Hi, Pat!   I saw your article on the Gloucester fire department and the “Cape Ann” steamer. Loved it, as usual.   I looked up Edwin Lewis Lane [1840-1916] and it appears you ID’d him correctly. His photo is shown at another point in the book.    

So far, I can only get him to be your 22nd cousin 2 times removed but his wife, Mary, S. James [1843-???] is your 15th cousin 4 times removed. He is a 4th cousin to my family.   I’ll work on it when I can over the next few days and see if I can find more on him and on some of the other fire-fighters in the group picture.   Stay safe! David

PS If you are correct and J. P. Nichols is James P Nichols [1842-1920] originally of Harwich MA, then his wife, Mercy S. Cole, is your 5th cousin 4 times removed. His father was from Scotland. And if F. E. Davis, is Frank E. Davis [1851-1936], his wife was Alice Elnora Colby [1859-1920], and she is your 5th cousin 3 times removed. I will be checking to see if this Frank Davis is THE Frank E. Davis of the Gloucester fish company, which I think he is.

Thanks David! This is an awesome addition to the story.

Is it Me…or Does This Say “Calamari”?

We saw this boat out the window of DiMillos On the Water up in Portland this weekend. The fact that the boat is from Gloucester caught our eye….but, I also got a kick out of its name….immediately commenting that the “Cali Marie” must be a pun on “Calamari.” My friends think I’m wrong. What do you think? Take the poll. Anyone know the owner?

Welcome to the Area!

We had an opportunity to show some newly minted college graduates around town recently. This young couple has recently moved to Lynn to start a new life as “real adults”. Kiersten will be interning aboard the Hurricane II for Cape Ann Whale Watch this summer, so we wanted to give them an idea of what she was getting into. We only had a few hours so we just hit some of the highlights.

Our day included a ride to Eastern Point Lighthouse, a walk around Stage Fort Park, Good Harbor Beach and lunch at the Mile Marker. Although we missed a photo opp on the boulevard, we still have that for the next time they visit. It’s fun to go to familiar places with new visitors.

Where do you like to take new visitors?