One Week Left for Igloo Dining at Mile Marker One

We had a great podcast and breakfast in an igloo at Mile Marker One this morning. There’s only one week left for igloo dining at Mile Marker this season. The deck is being prepped for summer and the igloos will be put away. You can reserve your igloo for dining online; call for indoor dining reservations. No igloo fees apply Wednesday, Thursday or Friday so consider getting down there this week!

Check out the new gear while you are there. It’s very sharp.


As most people on the North Shore have been inundated with phone calls from a scammer claiming to be from Amazon.  THIS IS A SCAM, they are trying to get you give up your personal information.  Yesterday we received over 30 calls on our business phone number.  Today it is our cell phones.  They have been using local area codes and local exchanges.  Even when blocking number they just get another numberr. Just hang up.  The Gloucester police also has been notified.  



Stylish brick arches, lintels and sills – exterior detailing on Harbor Village construction Main Street #GloucesterMA

Take a minute to appreciate the thoughtful architectural design details on the exterior work in progress for Harbor Village on Main Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the artists selected for the new public art commissioned for this building!

GloucesterCast 499 Live From Mile Marker One With Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Scottie Mac and Joey C Taped 5/12/21

GloucesterCast 499 Live From Mile Marker One With Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Scottie Mac and Joey C Taped 5/12/21

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Passports Awaits

We had dinner at Passports last weekend and it was wonderful, as I knew it would be. They were very busy on Mother’s Day but our server Teely never let on that she was swamped. We had our drinks and dinner at a lovely leisurely pace looking out the window onto Main Street, where Passports and other restaurants have their outdoor dining set up. I took Joey’s recommendation to try the Steak au Poivre with steamed vegetables and rice. Outstanding treat. Jim has the Sister’s Haddock with mashed potatoes and ate every bite. It was a wonderful evening as we felt safely distanced with masked staff hustling around. Thanks to all for making me feel spoiled.

First Ever Opening Day at Polar Park for the Worcester Red Sox.

Polar Park, home to the Worcester Red Sox, or WooSox, opened today with not just a season opener but a full-fledged ballpark opener! It was a much anticipated day for many. Certainly the players, fans, and the organization, but also the city of Worcester. At the end of a well-executed day of festivities, the home team was victorious 8-5 over the Syracuse Mets.

The WooSox Smiley Ball had an epic day of his own surrounded by some favorite mascot friends.

Check out the WooSox website and schedule HERE:

Here are some great photos from Wally’s Social Media as well as Smiley Ball’s own Facebook page.

You can also follow the Worcester Red Sox on their Facebook page HERE:

HOT Water Gutter Flush

Cape Ann Home

Contact Atlantic Power Cleaning to have your gutters flushed out. Keep the rain water moving in the right direction and away from your roof. We provide a HOT water jetta system to flush out your gutters and downspouts to keep the water flowing.

Contact us for a free estimate. Visit us at our website for more information and to see additional services we provide.

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