Filmmaker releases memoir of PSYOPS tour in Vietnam

An Accidental (PSY) Warrior: One soldier’s recollections of the US psychological warfare efforts during the Vietnam War by Albert Viator

ISBN: 978-1-64990-839-1

Publication Date: Available online at Amazon  Date: 4/30 21

Following an honorable discharge from the army, author Albert Viator studied TV and film production and went on to have a successful career as a freelance videographer and producer. However, his time in Vietnam never left him. In his new memoir, An Accidental (PSY) Warrior, Viator recounts his yearlong tour of duty in Vietnam between 1968 and 1969. Trained as an Army broadcaster, Viator was soon diverted into psychological operations (PSYOPS). “ I spent my time broadcasting propaganda from a backpack speaker and dropping leaflets from helicopters in support of infantry operations,” Viator says. 

Viator seeks to offer a new perspective of the Vietnam War and writes candidly about his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. “I’ve tried to write in a way that engages the reader, as I hope to convey what the typical American kid like myself went through during the war, which I’d imagine will resonate with other vets,” he says. Viator mixes humor, irony, and, at times, anger to express the range of emotions he and his fellow soldiers felt in the jungle of Vietnam. Viator says, “I want to highlight my appreciation for my fellow soldiers by detailing our shared experience.” An Accidental (PSY) Warrior is available for purchase online at

About the Author

Albert Viator is a filmmaker and producer. His first film was made with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and was included in the Smithsonian Institute’s Traveling Sites Program. He has traveled the globe filming and producing programming for PBS, The National Geographic Channel, CNN, and most of the national broadcast and cable networks.


Albert Viator

Gloucester’s Rob Foley Assists in the Rescue of Fishermen While En Route to Saipan

Gloucester’s own, Rob Foley, was instrumental in rescuing three fishermen while en route from Yokohama to Saipan earlier this week! Rob Foley is Captain/Master of the container ship APL Saipan. While heading south towards their destination of Saipan the ship was diverted by USCG Sector Guam. They broke course to look for a vessel that was reportedly taking on water. Upon arriving in the area one of Rob’s shipmates was able to spot the sinking boat 9 miles in the distance. Once upon the sinking vessel they worked with other assets to pull three fishermen from what was left of their boat. By that time, only about 5 feet of bow was still above water. They soon learned that the three fishermen had been clinging to their boat for 8 hours….being tossed into the sea throughout the duration of the night by passing seas and swells. The fishermen were brought onboard Rob’s ship where they were offered showers, warm clothes, food, water, and much needed rest. The APL Saipan then continued to their scheduled destination where the rescued fishermen were happily reunited with loved ones.

I love Rob’s comments after the fact. He said, “I could not have been prouder of the way my crew performed in every aspect. Glad to be able to help out others who, like us, choose a life of going to sea.” Rob is my husband’s cousin….and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Nice job, Rob!

Top photo below from Other two photos are courtesy of Rob Foley.

Rosetti in Beverly is a Great Dining Experience

Several people have encouraged us to try Rosetti in Beverly, so we finally made it happen! They were not wrong. We totally enjoyed the experience. We had been out shopping so it was a great end to the day. We made online reservations, which was very easy. It is located in a plaza with plenty of parking and ease of access from the main thoroughfare. It’s location allows you to get some other errands done on the same trip.

It’s a pretty room, with bar as well as standard seating. Plastic barriers separated the tables and the bar seats. The staff stayed right on top of cleaning and sanitizing tables as patrons departed in preparation for the next set of diners. Becca was our server. She was friendly, efficient and informative. We were not rushed through our drinks or menu decisions. It was a very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. It was a joy to just relax and enjoy.

The rolls were served with dipping sauce (excellent). We had meatballs as an appetizer since we wanted to give “Nonna’s Sauce” a try. They were quite tasty! Jim chose the Chicken Braciolettini with red garlic sauce and I had the Chicken Margherita. Outstanding! The portions are “just right” but because we stuffed ourselves with bread and meatballs, we each brought some entrees home.

The short drive off-island was well worth it. And now we are among those encouraging you to give Rosetti in Beverly a try.

Virtual Information Session – Gloucester Biotechnology Academy

Cape Ann Community

Join us on Thursday, May 27th at 7:15pm via Zoom to learn more about Gloucester Biotechnology Academy’s hands-on training program that provides young adults with the skills needed to start a career in biotech. This is a webinar, so all you have to do is log in and listen – we wont be able to see or hear you (unless you submit a question for Q&A)!

If you’re curious about the Academy’s training program, or if you’re looking for information on how to apply and be part of the Class of 2022 – all are welcome! Hear from Academy instructors, learn the basics of the program, how to apply, get a virtual tour of the training laboratory, and ask questions during a live Q&A.

You can click here to register, or see the invitation below for details. Please reach out to Ashley Destino at with any questions.

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