One Hour at a Time Gang

Hi Peeps,


As most of you know I had open heart surgery last Thursday, I will not be able to help out with One Hour at a Time Gang.  If you need yellow bags you can call Rose at the DPW and she will make sure you have yellow bags.  If you have a spot that needs clean up you can let me know and I will post.


Thank you all for your kindness and prayers..





Want to thank the GMG family

Thank you so much to the GMG family for all you prayers and kindness through my surgery and ongoing recovery.  Things are going well considering what a week ago today was like.  So appreciate the support and felt all the good wishes and prayers.

So lucky to live in this community and will be forever grateful.  The food, gifts, cards and treasures have made this recovery so much easier.

Again I thank you and much love to you all.




Did you know Friends was doing a reunion show?

Thank you CapeAnn LIVE! – Virtual Tip Jar

campaign cover


Created ByGloucester Fishermen Athletic Association


If you are or know a student-athlete in the Gloucester High School you are bound to have seen the fantastic coverage provided by Cape Ann Live! for virtually all of the sporting events since the onset of Covid restrictions. If you do not follow the sporting events perhaps you viewed the induction of our National Honor Society members this past April.

In this unprecedented time of spectator restrictions, Cape Ann Live! has provided a way for us to all be there for our students and cheer them on in an entertaining and interactive production.

What you may not know, is Jim Capillo, together with his team – Phil Nicastro and Lisa Olson -put in hours of their time at no cost – setting up in the hours prior to the events, researching the players to provide commentary throughout , and in some cases learning sports they were not already familiar with so they could follow the play!

To date the count is 60+ games and going. Please join us in contributing to a virtual tip jar to show our appreciation for their dedication to our Fishermen family. Feel free to also leave a comment to let them know how much their service has meant to us this year.

The Brown Hoisting and Conveying Machine Co.

I love this old hoist from the Brown Hoisting and Conveying Machine Company. There has been so much work going on at both the Gloucester and Rockport train stations. In addition to all of the new equipment is this really cool hoist. It always catches my eye….especially against the bright blue sky. I finally took the time to read the lettering. It is from the Brown Hoisting & Conveying Machine Company from Cleveland, Ohio.

I searched up the company for kicks. From this website: I found this, “The Brown Hoisting Machinery Company was founded in 1880 (incorporated August 16, 1900) by Alexander E. Brown and his father Fayette Brown in Cleveland, Ohio. Its industry was hoists, cranes, and similar machinery and its headquarters remained in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1931, the firm merged with the Industrial Works of Bay City, Michigan, forming the Industrial Brownhoist Company.”

Bruins Win In Double Overtime! Leads Series 2-1!!!!