West Parish 5th Grade play 2021 is…Bye Bye Birdie! Put on a happy face 😃🐤🐤 Free watch Friday & Saturday!! #GloucesterMA

Awesome news from Heidi Dallin – Happy musical for Happy spring!

Here is the link for the West Parish show. The show is free and you can watch anytime on Friday and Saturday (this week)  but you must sign up for the event to get the link. The Bye Bye Birdie young performers’ edition is about an hour long. Please share!

-Heidi Dallin

Support the students’ efforts and arts in Gloucester Public Schools. There’s a decades long tradition of 5th grade plays.

West Parish’s 5th grade production of Bye Bye Birdie Jr (YPE)We are so excited to share with you this year’s 5th grade show, Bye Bye Birdie (young performers edition)www.eventbrite.com

Theater history trivia-

Who starred in the original Broadway production? Answer below 🙂