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Join Us For The Live Taping Of GloucesterCast 450 Sunday At 9AM. You can view it and participate in the live chat here:

We will be doing a live drawing for one of Sista Felicia’s cookbooks during the podcast so tune in to win!!!!


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Blizzard of 1978: see more Armand Sindoni art at Destino’s and #GloucesterMA- Part 2

Armand Sindoni (1929-2002) was a Massachusetts native. He resided and worked on Rocky Neck. For many years he was the artist in residence for the Gloucester Schooner Festival. This is a follow up post.

Earlier this week, I posted a GMG reader request wanting to know more about a specific Armand Sindoni work of art. I added one Sindoni portrait and asked readers to join in.

GMG reader Kathy reminded us about the Sindoni murals at Destino’s:

Armand Sindoni painted the beautiful murals inside Destino’s.  One of the vessels in the murals is the “Can Do”.  It was lost during the blizzard of ‘78, going to the rescue of a huge freighter that was off of Beverly, that is also in the mural.  The other vessel in Sindoni’s mural is the “Alligator”, a fishing vessel that was also lost during the blizzard.

Kathy W.

Here are interior (and exterior) photographs I took 2017,2018 and 2020 highlighting some of the art and history details you’ll find there.

There is another work by Sindoni on display at Destino’s. Behind the counter is a portrait of Alex Destino, Sr.

Another GMG reader shared a Sindoni nocturne hanging in her home (courtesy photo)

Armand Sindoni painting private collection, courtesy photo

courtesy snapshots sent to GMG – Armand Sindoni Gloucester Fishing Schooner “Elsie”1910

Thanks to all for taking the time to share your messages about Armand Sindoni.

The GloucesterCast Behind The Scenes

There are several rules when it comes to shooting photos or video that can make enormous differences in the quality of the product.

One is that having good lighting can make a cheap camera outperform a much more expensive camera that doesn’t have good light.

I invested in a new DSLR camera to shoot the podcast. Also a dummy battery for the camera. A dummy battery is a battery for the camera that is actually attached to a wall plug which provides continuous power and doesn’t rely on the camera’s native battery that would likely not have enough juice to last through an entire session of live streaming the podcast. The third piece of the puzzle is going to be these studio lights.

With all these pieces in place, the quality of the live stream should jump up dramatically.

Lighting for the podcast: Check out the link for the details

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lorendoucette A huge thank you to my son, Andrew Widtfeldt for helping me design my first hard cover book including 25 full color images of my art work. Not only did he help me create this book, he completely updated and redesigned my website. How blessed am I to have him as my son. Truly❤️
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Gloucester Police Welcome New Comfort Dog to Department


Community Impact Unit

186 Main Street Suite 23

Gloucester, Ma 01930

Chief Ed ConleyLieutenant

Jeremiah Nicastro

(978) 325-5470

Ace, a one-year-old English Golden Retriever, is the new comfort dog for the Gloucester Police Department. (Photo courtesy of the Gloucester Police Department)

To whom it may concern,

To help us raise money to pay for Ace who is our “Community Resource Dog”we are offering local businesses to “Adopt” Ace for a month. Ace wears a vest and hasremovable patches on it. On one of those patches we would put your business Logo andhave him wear it the month that you adopt him on. We would also send Ace along withOfficer Sutera to your local business to visit a few hours during the month. If you areinterested in supporting our Community Resource Dog program, please contactLieutenant Nicastro of the Community Impact Unit at 978-325-5471. We continue to useThe Gloucester Fund to manage our donations.

Special patches will be for sale in the coming weeks to help support Ace. (Photo courtesy of the Gloucester Police Department)

Thank you for your consideration,Community Impact Unit

Living Small

Cape Ann Home

For more check out our site:

The world may be full of endless possibilities, but houses are a finite space. You may want a huge kitchen with an open space floor plan. One might dream of a den, workshop and mudroom. But you might also live in a small 2 bedroom home with just enough space for the day-to-day. Tiny homes are great on instagram, and often more difficult in real life. They force you to focus on the things you want, and let go of the rest. This little home in Ipswich is a great example of how living small can be exactly what you need.

medallion kitchen cabinetry small kitchen turquoise backsplash tile exposed beam

With a small space you only have so many choices, and that does not have to be a bad thing. Knowing that there wouldn’t be much wiggle room in the design, we chose to focus on cabinetry accessories to make the space…

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