Many of our local food services are doing holiday meals,pasrty,cheese etc

hi joey, would you mind reminding your readers that many of our local food services are doing holiday meals,pasrty,cheese etc but they all have order by dates and people need to get their orders in asap. thanks,

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Portrait of Danny | The GHS Fishermen Athletics Department is fantastic! Boys varsity soccer 4PM tonight ⚽

Shout out and thanks to Danny who is such a positive boost for the sports teams whether on the New Balance Field at Newell Stadium or inside the GHS fieldhouse!

He’s always hustling. One of the new protocol tasks for the 2020 Covid-19 season is sanitizing the soccer balls.

Players mention how the New Balance Newell Stadium is the best field in the league.

The next game is today, Wednesday November 18, 2020: Boys varsity soccer 4PM vs Swampscott ⚽ and JV 6pm. The final game for boys soccer 2020 is on Friday.

GHS Fishermen Athletics Video Archive

Did you miss a game? Bryan Lafata, Dir. GHS Fishermen Athletics, writes that prior games are being added to the GHS Fishermen Athletics website “Video Archive”:


Cape Ann Wellness

The global coronavirus pandemic has changed much about our lives in the last few months, and that includes our sleeping patterns.You may toss and turn at night, unable to sleep no matter how tired you feel, or wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to get back to sleep. Some people report being plagued by bad dreams, others find they’re sleeping in later and later but still feel groggy and unrefreshed when they wake up.

There is a natural solution that can help put your sleeping habits back in balance.

The Be Sleepy topical lotion is designed to help you reach your sleep potential. It combines CBD with proven natural extracts including melatonin.  Apply Be Sleepy lotion on your inner wrist or behind your neck and rub for 15 seconds until it completely disappears.  If you are feeling overly stressed, the topical Be Calm…

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Cape Ann Seniors On The Go

Cape Ann Community

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Do you need transportation for access to healthy food or fitness?

To catch a ride reserve your FREE SEAT today by calling CATA (978) 283-7916

*Unless otherwise noted please make your reservation no later than 1 pm the day before your trip.

🚶♿ Tuesdays Walking @ Gloucester Boulevard Join us for a socially distanced stroll at your own pace each Tuesday! Don’t forget your mask! Bus stays at Boulevard to transport home early upon request. Last walk of the season will be Nov. 24th.

Pickups start @ 9:15 amReturn home starts @ 11:15 am

Tuesdays The Open Door Food Pantry – In person shopping, by appointment only Cape Ann Seniors on the GO has a standing appointment each Tuesday at 1:30 pm for riders who want in person shopping. Space is limited. Reservations for this trip must be made by…

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