Post-Halloween — pat morss

Following the turkey trick-or-treaters
A fallen horse, after 55mph gusts
Halloween desserts never end
A Gonzaga Retreat path with Stations of the Cross
Station 12 (XII)
A visitor explained the rocks, at the end of the path, represent the 15th Station (Resurrection)
Unfortunate Black-backed Gull with a fishhook in his leg
Thacher Island and Twin Lights, beyond Brace Cove
Some remaining foliage
The Wooly Caterpillar’s wide brown stripe is supposed to mean a mild winter
And there are more sunsets to come

#shoplocal Below you will see some downtown shops giving out discounts.

*Discount Expires November 15, 2020

shopsmall #shoplocal Below you will see some downtown shops giving out discounts. This was in the bags that were going out to children.

Design of Mine %40 off (one) item well ladies it’s cold out.. gloves, shawls, and more.

The Bookstore of Gloucester 10% off entire purchase.. time to get yourself a book to snuggle up this winter.

Cape Ann Olive Oil 20% off entire purchase.. best oils ever get your gift sets now. Let me know I’ll tell you what recipe is good for that oil.

Sweats Of New England $5 off of $50.00 or $10 off of $100 Purchase ( not valid with other offers) I have so much fun in there.. Purchase WTF mask sent it to Governor & Lg lol

The Weathervane.. 20% off entire purchase ( except Cape Ann Pond Ice Merchandise) great sovereigns to send to family that misses Gloucester, I bought so many Gloucester’ windbreakers.

Sample This 20% of entire purchase. Let me tell you heaven.. great clothing European Style, and much more at USA prices.

Castaways Vintage Cafe free coffee. Great smoothies and much more. Get a smoothie.. continue to shop.

Toodeloos! 20% off entire purchase ( except LEGOS) I love it in there.. I feel like a kid. Great items all ages including me..

Fireflies 10% off full priced items. Love it in there, you never know what treasures you’ll find.

Mark Adrian Shoes $10 off of $50, my shoe store.. everyone wants to know where I get my energy ( besides Expresso from caffe sicilia) it’s good comfortable shoes 👞. They have shoes for all feet, one day their swollen, planters fasciitis, what ever day my feet are.. I have the perfect shoe to keep me going, without the pain. That makes a big difference to your day.. it keeps you focus on other things and not your sore feet, after having them fit you.. to the write shoe.. they know your feet all the time. I would say I like this Mark would say well your feet won’t.. Now it’s Adam

The Brass Monkey 🐒 10% off entire purchase. You can find any gift for anyone. Love the Christmas Ornaments, gloves, bags and more.

So here you go Shop Local tell them Sefatia sent you. ❤️

If there are other business who want to participate let me know I’ll add you to the list with pleasure.💕

One thing is clear this election day 2020: we can see for miles and miles and miles #GloucesterMA

Wherever the political paths may lead, the natural vistas were crystal clear this morning!

Polls are open until 8pm in Gloucester – from the GDT

Holiday shopping is just around the corner

Remember to always please shop local.  Please see an example of the some photos that can be made into, puzzles, coasters, placements towels, metal pieces or cards.  Thank you for shopping local.  My items are also at Arts Abound 21 C Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, Gloucester, MA.

If you go on my website

or email me at

Can you imagine dropping ALL the money on this maxed out center console and having to look out the side of the console the whole time to see where you’re going?

Can We All Agree Not To Act Like Complete Douchenuggets Tomorrow After The Election If Your Candidate Wins Or Loses?

I can’t wait for it to be over. Let’s get back to talking about great food you’ve eaten or made, the holidays, sports, fishing and all that other great stuff. 52 days til Christmas!

Don’t let yourself become a meme.

MA Restaurants Doing A Good Job