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T-shirt company launched during Covid

Hi Joey!
Allow me to introduce myself. I have three businesses on Cape Ann.
I am a designer ( and a painter (

But I launched a t shirt company during Covid called Good Gangsta (

It’s all about being positive. Doing good + Being Good = Feeling good!

Would you ever do a story about me? 
I’ve attached a few shirts. 

Would love to talk more. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Courtney

CB Visits the Dock and It Doesn’t End Well

I took CB out at the dock for a photo shoot recently and I was pretty pleased with how things were going until CB took a “fatal” fall to the concrete and was too damaged to continue. Here’s the link for the my CB model. As I told her, “you can be replaced!” Thanks to the magic of Amazon, she was replaced for about $20. But we’ll be more careful at the dock from now on.

A Great Deal On My Sony Camera $300

If anyone is interested. It’s a great mirrorless NEX 5T. Included are two awesome vintage prime lenses, adapter and the kit lens. Battery, charging cable and strap.

The lenses alone are worth $300.

Here are some pics of the camera and some photos I took with it just yesterday. If interested email me at