A Quiet Thanksgiving — pat morss

Still activity around us, as family was reassigned to Zoom.

It was skeletons here at Halloween
A live Christmas tree was planted in the same spot this weekend
Other trees have their own natural ornaments
Your snow stakes are confusing me
Mallards on Niles Pond
This may be why we are called ducks
An outdoor light fixture needed a cleaning
Inside, a microclimate was creating a miniature garden
Rolling on home

Nina Goodick Dogtown Common Babson Bowl Donated As One Of Next Week’s Podcast Sharing Prize

Dear Joe: attached are a few photos of the Dogtown Common Babson Bowls I have been making in my studio on sale now for this Holiday Season. They are wheel thrown , and then the Roger Babson messages are carved into them, bisque fired, Glazed and then They are all high fired by my friend and fellow potter Marty Morgan in her gas kiln. Phew! Quite a process.
I love that Roger Babson’s messages from over 100 years ago are relevant today in this time, in this moment.
I’m donating one of these bowls for your live podcast raffles next week.

Happy Holidays! Nina

Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda All Free! Week of Nov. 30th Broadway Routine and new Restorative class starts Mondays at 5PM

Cape Ann Wellness


Come bring out your inner Broadway baby!  We will move to the hits you can sing along to and get rid of any leftover turkey and stuffing. Hopefully you got to spend the holiday with some loved ones or at least had a good meal to yourself.

If you are new to Nia with Linda, these streaming classes are free.  Share with anyone who you feel needs a little movement in their lives during this period of social isolation.

So here is how it works.  It will be easier for you if you download the Zoom client for meetings for a desktop or laptop, or the app for phones and tablets.

Click here for the link to download the zoom client or the app

Then click on this link to bring to my website and the list of streaming classes

At my website, niawithlinda.com, you will want to click…

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@WeberGrills Family Q 300 Reverse Sear Chairman Reserve Ribeye

Northeast BBQ

@WeberGrills Family Q 300 Reverse Sear Chairman Reserve Ribeye. Love the two burner Q for reverse searing. Easy peasy. I think between the thick grates for an excellent maillard reaction and the separate burners the Family Q makes for a great reverse searing machine! Check out my blog if you want www.northeastbbq.com for more

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GloucesterCast 451 With Bex Borden, Jim Capillo, Chris McCarthy, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 11/29/20

GloucesterCast 451 With Bex Borden, Jim Capillo, Chris McCarthy,  Jim and Pat Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 11/29/20

Press play to listen (audio)-

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When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast or GMG in your email.  So once you subscribe check your email for that verification. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct so you can verify that you’d like to get them via email subscription.

 img_1312-1       img_1312      img_1312-2

Topics Include:
Please share the podcast! If you share the podcast while we are taping we will write down your name and you will be entered into a drawing to win a prize that we will choose about 2/3 the way through the podcast.

We will be doing a live drawing for one of Sista Felicia’s cookbooks during the podcast so tune Jim Capillo Audio Engineering Today!
Pat Dalpiaz manning the live chat keyboard
Bex: lobster trap trees and Cape Ann Handywoman. WWW.MINILOBSTERTRAPS.COM
Also a report on her first Thanksgiving dinner!
What’s your dirty elf name?
In your mind, what age version of yourself are you?
Tuesday night wing night at Minglewood. Pat and Jim highly recommend the nachos………
Happy Birthday Nichole!
What is something you’ve done that you are fairly confident that you are the ONLY person to have done?
Post Thanksgiving Trivia
If someone handed you a free 2 week vacation to anywhere…where do you go? ( a weekend at Patriot Place report)
Good cats vs bad cats
Mom’s Kitchen chili/ breakfast
Christmas shopping check
Call in from Schoonie BooBoo and his mom
Name a fad that you hated
What is it about chasing birds that excites Pat? Is it a retired/ too much time on your hands kind of thing? Best lenses for capturing wildlife.
Joey’s Art Show At Cape Ann Coffees All Pieces are $150 Framed and Ready To Hang on Your Wall

Hawk Posing at Salisbury Beach

I came across this handsome hawk (Norther Harrier, I believe) at Salisbury Beach State Reservation. Access to this reservation is free after Oct 31, so we have begun to return there on a semi regular basis to see what’s new. And found this guy sitting nicely posed until he took off for me.

Have You Started Bidding in the 33rd Annual Love Cape Ann Fundraising Auction?

Cape Ann Community

Have you heard about the Cape Ann Chamber’s Love Cape Ann Fundraising Auction? They have over 140 packages representing all there is to do on Cape Ann, and beyond! A portion of this year’s proceeds will be given back to local businesses who have been most impacted by the pandemic. So while you’re checking things off your holiday list this year, why not shop local, and shop on Cape Ann.

Use this link to learn more and start bidding

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