Quality Time

Back in March, April, and May….when we were not doing anything or going anywhere…. my 13 year-old (who I guess was still 12 at the time) and I would go for long drives in the afternoon. My younger son was content to stay home, but Thatcher is a lot like me….and needs a good field trip each day. Sitting still is not a strength of his. Fast forward to November and he’s still home each day for school and by 2:15 is itching to do something. When the weather is nice he hops on his bike after his last remote class, but with the weather getting colder and the daylight disappearing earlier, that isn’t always ideal. So, on Tuesday we hopped in the car after I got home from work and took a very familiar trip around the Cape. The sunset was spectacular, but equally nice was grabbing some of that one-on-one time that has been a bit more absent these days.

It was nice to stand back and watch him enjoy the sunset. It reminded me of a day several years ago…. (second photo)…when I watched both boys appreciate the sun setting in Ipswich after leaving Russel Orchards. Our days are strange right now….but, they are still going by way too quickly. I’ll miss moments like this.

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