Osprey Nest Update

The 3 chicks in the Osprey nest near Lobsta Land continue to grow and apparently thrive. I have been watching the Essex County Greenbelt Osprey cam carefully ( some might say obsessively) hoping to see one fledge. There is plenty of wing stretching on the edge of the nest as well as alone time without adults. You can clearly see how big the chicks have become! I have not seen it yet but here’s a screenshot of a parent bringing a fish to the nest this morning. No feasting, however as the adult flew off again taking the fish along. Web cam at http://www.ecga.org

We happened to catch an Osprey in flight with a fish yesterday near a little River. I did not have my telephoto lens on at the time, but it’s pretty clear this Osprey is taking dinner back to a nearby nest.

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