Bring Back 1970 Music!

The Boston Globe Sunday insert of the Parade magazine featured a cover story called “The Songs of 1970: What We Were Listening To 50 Years Ago Today” by Jim Farber that I found intriguing.  Then, as I read and remembered those years for myself, I realized how these tunes might help some of us over some “Troubled Waters” today.

Om 1970, I was just entering high school. I was very naive and somewhat sheltered living in rural western New York. The nation (and the world) were coming off a couple of very difficult and divisive years 1968 and 1969. Even I knew change was in the air.  It did not sit well with my Gloucester raised father.

Of course, as a teenager, my lifeline was music. It meant EVERYTHING. I was tied to a transistor radio, which probably looked something like this one I found on ebay:

Transistor radio

Top single of the year was Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” themed with hope and faith. Other popular songs of support and peace 50 years ago included “O-O-h Child” and “Let It Be” (a personal favorite). Are you humming  yet? Other popular groups included the Jackson 5 with a young Michael Jackson, James Taylor, and Elton John. I know you are humming now, especially if you are of a certain age………

It seems these songs should be making a comeback to offer support, guidance and peace of mind in this turbulent time. COVID notwithstanding other disruptions (hurricanes and protest movements) deserves to be addressed with soothing 1970s style music. Who’s with me?

The link to the Parade story is here and includes a playlist! A screenshot from that website to inspire you:

Elton John



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