Dinner at Lobsta Land

We had dinner with my dad at Lobsta Land on Sunday after a long day of baseball.  We chose to sit inside because we had been outside all day long….but, the seating under the tent by the water’s edge looked pretty inviting and I look forward to sitting out there soon.  Four-top tables have been situated along the bar to make use of that space and to allow diners to feel comfortable and adequately distant from other patrons.  A service window allows for restaurant staff to pass food and beverages from the inside to their nice outdoor seating efficiently.

We ordered mussels, coconut shrimp, a lobster dinner, calamari, onion rings, and two Sole Meunieres.  Everything truly was delicious.   And….as if an excellent meal with family wasn’t good enough… we had a chance to chat with Corey Grammas and discover that the one and only Jamie Verga is now working at Lobsta Land.

Learn more and check out Lobsta Land’s menu here


One thought on “Dinner at Lobsta Land

  1. No ?:: Lobsta land rocks::have been going there for many years & Corey Grammas & his team are the best at what they do::Amazing service & outstanding food & presentation::always busy & worth the wait❤🦞🦐🦑


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