I look forward to the appearance of these beautiful lavender crocus, a patch that blooms without fail every spring. It has naturalized from a garden probably planted long ago and now springs up along the road’s edge at Niles Pond.

And we had our first sighting of plovers, not Piping Plovers mind you, but Kildeers!


Many share our worries in regard to local small businesses. Our restaurants and the friends who work in these establishments, downtown Main Street retail shops, Cape Ann’s fishermen and lobstermen, the nonprofits that serve our community, artists, writers, photographers, musicians, designers, the list goes on and on. We are all going to be hit hard by this devastating turn of events.

One way in which we can help each other stay afloat is to buy gift cards. It may sound inconsequential, but every purchase will help. Our friends at Duckworth’s have a link to purchase gift cards and it is a great example of one small way we can help. Duckworth’s Gift Cards

Any local business that wants to communicate with their customers and the public about special offerings during these extremely challenging times please feel free to email me ( or email any of our contributors and we will post here. Thank you!

Statement from the Cape Ann Symphony REGARDING UPCOMING CONCERTS 

To Our Patrons, Supporters and Friends of the Cape Ann Symphony:
Out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of our patrons, the musicians and our staff, and heeding the advice provided by Massachusetts and Federal authorities about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Board of Directors of the Cape Ann Symphony announces the cancellation of the upcoming concerts scheduled for Sunday March 22nd and for the Musicians Unleashed on April 26.
 We will make a decision as to the status of the concerts scheduled for May 16th and 17th and will notify the public as to the status of these concerts early in April.
We are suspending all ticket sales for all concerts effective immediately. We will be in touch with all ticket holders as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
       Fran White                                                                        Yoichi Udagawa
       President                                                                          Music Director  & Conductor
       Cape Ann Symphony                                                      Cape Ann Symphony

City of Gloucester Coronavirus Update 3/16/2020

Earlier today Mayor Romeo Theken met with her senior managers to discuss the evolving coronavirus situation.  Due to ongoing coronavirus public health concerns the City of Gloucester is moving forward with unprecedented precautionary measures to help slow the spread of the virus.  Beginning Tuesday March 17, Gloucester municipal buildings will be closed to the public for at least two weeks.  For a detailed list of those closures please see attached notice.
Should you have any questions or need any other information please let me know.  


Vanessa KrawczykAssistant to the Chief Administrative OfficerGloucester City Hall
9 Dale AvenueGloucester, MA 01930



ONLINE IS UP. We are now accepting online orders. You can visit my website to not only have my dried pasta shipped to you but also some really really amazing specialty pantry items. As usual we still plan to open on March 25th, Wednesday, with the intention of servicing good food for our community here taking the most serious precautions. Your health and ours in the most important and we want to make sure everything goes smoothly. My need now here in my community is to make sure everyone has access to good food, whether it’s local or imported from small farmers, we plan on being fully stocked and providing the best food possible. Stay tuned!

RNAC-Being Safe.

Dear friends and members of The Rocky Neck Art Colony,

As a result of the health concerns and restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 virus, The Rocky Neck Art Colony has determined that the safest course of action for the protection of our members and our staff is to close the Cultural Center to the public for a time.

The following events at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck are canceled or postponed:

  • Closed – The Cultural Center until it becomes advisable to reopen.
    • Rocky Neck Now 2020¬†will be extended after the Center reopens.
    • Beyond Likeness¬†will be scheduled to follow¬†Rocky Neck Now 2020.
    • Elements: Nature in Art¬†has been removed for the schedule this year but we hope to include that topic in the¬†future.
  • Cancelled- ¬†The BigTiny art making workshops scheduled for March 15th and 21st.
  • Postponed- The¬†April 16th¬†Big Tiny event until the fall, when things will be looking brighter.
  • Cancelled- ¬†The Eric Coville concert scheduled for¬†Friday night¬†March 13th.
  • Postponed- The March 18¬†Pastels with Susan Ellis¬†workshop.
  • Cancelled- ¬†Monday afternoon Life Drawing sessions for the time being.
  • Postponed- The Run/Walk & Team Challenge 5k on May 3rd.
  • Cancelled- ¬†Mahjong at The Cultural Center until the Center reopens.

Recognizing that the arts are an essential outlet and emotional comfort for many of us, we have already begun the work of providing art, entertainment and visibility for our members through on-line resources.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for unique and wonderful ways to help with this effort.

If you’d like to be involved or help us from the comfort of your home, please let us know by contacting our Operations Manager, Loren Doucette at

Our thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Kathy Archer
Kristie Bernard

Let’s keep Cape Ann COVID-19 free. Part 2

Let’s keep Cape Ann COVID-19 free. Part 2

Word of the day: Fomite, something that is carrying something infectious like a coronavirus.
Getting gas this morning and a quart of oil I was thinking of the word. Fomite. This virus is not magical. It does not spontaneously appear. It has to move from point A to point B then get up your nose or in your mouth. So how can it do that?

This morning the obvious one is my credit card. It’s a fomite. I handed it over, I stuck it in two slots that have seen hundreds of credit cards, probably quite a few this morning. I picked up a pen that had been held by the same number of people. If you know about Patient 31 in Korea you know it only takes one person to randomly infect a thousand people.

It just takes a little thought. Go wash your credit card. Maybe put a pen in your top pocket. Wash your hands after you come back from the gas station.

The Oatmeal, one of my favorite cartoonists also has a handy chart of advice on how not to touch your face. I now carry a rugby ball to remind myself to keep my fingers off my face. (Wear a Stupid Thing. Hold a Toy.) A rubber band around your wrist might be enough for you.touchyourfaceoatmeal

I posted this in Rockport Facebook and boom.

Holy cow my messaging just lit up. The answer is no, the Rubber Duck has holes in it and is too hard to clean but you are right. I am swapping out the rugby ball and am now carrying a brand new rubber duck.

The original RD is on my dash for the duration.kiwiduck

Update from Sherry’s Corner Cafe

Please support our local businesses always


2 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, Gloucester, MA  01930

Most of you have seen by now Governor Baker’s directive that there will be no on-premises food or drink consumption starting Tuesday, March 17th, through (as of right now) April 17th.

Starting Tuesday, March 17th, we *will* be offering takeout AND delivery through Delivery Shark!

I will post an updated plan tomorrow including revised business hours¬†ūüôā

PLEASE continue to support your local restaurants and shopkeepers. It is our community that will get us, and all our local mom-and-pops, through this difficult and trying time.

We will be open tomorrow normal business hours so please come see us and then tune in for more details!

How have you been practicing social distancing?

People that know me know that I’m not a fan of yard work.

With the beautiful weather it’s been kinda nice getting outside and cleaning up the yard and getting some sun.

Kate and I have been burning brush (get your burning permit and check in with the Fire Department in the morning to make sure it’s a burning day.

I have an extra burn barrel for sale $10 if anyone needs one.


Next up?  Maybe tackle straightening out the shed, switching over the closets from winter to spring/summer.

BBQ.  Lots and lots of BBQ.