The Jam: Mondays at Minglewood Tavern with Dennis and Joe ~ Online 8pm 3.30.2020


The Jam: Mondays at Minglewood Tavern with Dennis and Joe


Greetings Jamily!
So we have ONE TIME SLOT open for tonight’s Virtual Jam! 9:00-9:20pm. Please message me through the Jam page if you are interested in jumping in!  >
Here is how the schedule looks right now:

Monday Jam 3-30-20

8-8:15 Jeff Buckridge
8:20-8:35 Renée &Joe
8:40-8:55 Ken Steiner
9-9:20ish ??
9:25-9:50 Mike Wayne
10-10:15 Pete Koeplin
10:20-10:40 Amanda Cook
10:45-11ish Geoff Small

Thank you all for your continued support for The Jam: Mondays at Minglewood Tavern with Dennis and Joe, and we shall see and hear you soon! 🙏🏼🤘🏼🎵💜


Congressman Moulton Virtual Small Business Forum


The CARES Act, passed last Friday, earmarks $350 billion dollars for our nation’s small businesses, all of which are struggling with immediate decisions about how to make rent, what to do about their employees, and which bills to pay.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31st at 5 PM, Congressman Moulton and Massachusetts SBA Director Bob Nelson will host a Small Business Forum on Facebook.  This forum will detail the programs that were created to help small businesses and instruct them on how they can apply for assistance. 

Please share this important information widely via email and social media.

RSVP for our Tuesday Small Business Facebook Live event here:

Download our comprehensive resource guide here:

The absolute worst humans are the ones going out of their way to disregard safety guidelines because they think Coronavirus is a hoax…

Right now at lots of essential stores there are pieces of tape marking out the space people should leave between each other when waiting to check out. There are people taking walks respecting other people and taking wide berths around people they need to get past.

And I’m hearing that there are people that believe the Coronavirus threat to health is being over exaggerated and are disregarding the pieces of tape and they aren’t moving out of the way when passing others on walks and make fun of people that are horrified when they come close to them.

These are the worst kinds of humans. I don’t care if you believe it’s as bad as they say it is or not. Don’t be the jerk that disregards the simplest of the guidelines that have been put in place. Even if you think you’re invincible. There are parents that we care about that might not be so invincible. Who wants that blood on their hands???

Don’t be the ass that crosses the tape or gets up in someone’s space intentionally. So stupid.

Stay Home

We have gone for walks and bike rides in places where we are certain to simply pass neighbors and a few other local residents from afar.  We have also taken many drives….without actually getting out of the car.  Some of the places that we thought we might stop and walk have actually been so busy….that we have chosen to simply move on.  Howard’s Flying Dragon in Essex has a reminder for all of you.


Safe Harbor

I hope you all have a stalwart beacon in your life that you can look toward when the seas get rough. Our area lighthouses provide symbols of “safe harbor” and guidance through storms. So grateful to be here with all of you riding out a global pandemic. Thank you to the Mayor, council members, and to those in public service.