Sherry’s Corner Cafe

Another way to help our local restaurants during these trying times.  Also Sherry’s Corner Cafe is giving a gift back to their customers.  If you buy a $25.00 gift card, Sherry’s gives you a $30.,00 card.  It works out to 20% more than what you actually buy.  Thank you Sherry’s Corner Cafe.

2 Lexington Avenue

Gloucester, Magnolia, MA  01930


Please support our local businesses


At Sherry’s Corner Cafe, cute Easter gifts

Sherry’s Corner Cafe


Tired of buying the same old boring Easter chocolate from the supermarket? Maybe this year you don’t want to or can’t make it to the market! Spice up your Easter basket this year with our personalized chocolate eggs made in store by own our Kristen!!

They can be made with either milk or white chocolate and can be personalized with a name.

The best part is everything is edible, including the grass, so Peter Cotton Tail approves!

Each is $14 and we will be taking orders until April 9th, 2020!🐣🐰

Leave a message here, direct message me or come to the cafe’ and see our take-out window to place your order!

I can take Venmo and we can deliver!!

Update from Sherry’s Corner Cafe

Please support our local businesses always


2 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, Gloucester, MA  01930

Most of you have seen by now Governor Baker’s directive that there will be no on-premises food or drink consumption starting Tuesday, March 17th, through (as of right now) April 17th.

Starting Tuesday, March 17th, we *will* be offering takeout AND delivery through Delivery Shark!

I will post an updated plan tomorrow including revised business hours 🙂

PLEASE continue to support your local restaurants and shopkeepers. It is our community that will get us, and all our local mom-and-pops, through this difficult and trying time.

We will be open tomorrow normal business hours so please come see us and then tune in for more details!

Sherry’s Corner Cafe

Oh no, what shall we do?  Sherry’s Corner Cafe, 2 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, Gloucester, MA will be on vacation from December 26, 2019 through January 15, 2020.

This family run cafe deserve to take a vacation, open 7 days a week Sherry’s Corner Cafe staff work very hard.  Have fun.


Sherry’s Corner Cafe

If you have not been to Sherry’s Corner Cafe, 2 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, Gloucester, MA  01930, 978-525-2177, you are missing out.  I love the professor, chopped avocados, chopped tomatoes, scrambled eggs,  turkey bacon and wheat toast make my day.  Her menu is wonderful for breakfast and lunch so yummy.

Sherry’s Corner Cafe

If you have not been to Sherry’s Corner Café, 2 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, Gloucester, MA , you should make a point to stop in for breakfast or lunch.  Her hours are 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM 7 days a week.

The photo below is the garden veggie omelet that is so good.  Thank you Sherry for hanging my photos in your restaurant.

Sherry’s Corner Cafe

Sherry’s Corner Cafe

2 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia Gloucester, MA  01930


Introducing our “Beach-goers” to-go only menu!

In a rush and need a sandwich quickly? We have a selection of ready-made sandwiches! Made fresh and ready to go!

Each sandwich comes with a bag of chips!

Sherry’s Corner Cafe

It’s finally here!! ICE CREAM is opening on Thursday, May 17th, at 2 pm!

The winners of a free small ice cream are (tag them if you know them!):
Alexandra Legendre
Jackie Chudy
Lorie Soper
Pam Silva
David Hoag.

Please come over this week to receive your ice cream!

Sherry’s Corner Café
2 Lexington Avenue
Gloucester, Magnolia, MA 01930

Sherry’s Corner Cafe

Cinnamon bun, grilled ofcourse

Spinach and asparagus omelette with stone of the best cheddar I’ve ever had

Good ole classic breakfast eggs and bacon with grilled english


Got to give Sherry’s Corner Cafe a try! Went this morning with Mr.E and we will definately be back. Located in the quaint, happening Magnolia. Find them on Facebook!