Let’s keep Cape Ann COVID-19 free. Part 2

Let’s keep Cape Ann COVID-19 free. Part 2

Word of the day: Fomite, something that is carrying something infectious like a coronavirus.
Getting gas this morning and a quart of oil I was thinking of the word. Fomite. This virus is not magical. It does not spontaneously appear. It has to move from point A to point B then get up your nose or in your mouth. So how can it do that?

This morning the obvious one is my credit card. It’s a fomite. I handed it over, I stuck it in two slots that have seen hundreds of credit cards, probably quite a few this morning. I picked up a pen that had been held by the same number of people. If you know about Patient 31 in Korea you know it only takes one person to randomly infect a thousand people.

It just takes a little thought. Go wash your credit card. Maybe put a pen in your top pocket. Wash your hands after you come back from the gas station.

The Oatmeal, one of my favorite cartoonists also has a handy chart of advice on how not to touch your face. I now carry a rugby ball to remind myself to keep my fingers off my face. (Wear a Stupid Thing. Hold a Toy.) A rubber band around your wrist might be enough for you.touchyourfaceoatmeal

I posted this in Rockport Facebook and boom.

Holy cow my messaging just lit up. The answer is no, the Rubber Duck has holes in it and is too hard to clean but you are right. I am swapping out the rugby ball and am now carrying a brand new rubber duck.

The original RD is on my dash for the duration.kiwiduck

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