Ski, Skate and Board Consignment Event! November 16&17th

Every year we love seeing all the folks from Gloucester & surrounding areas coming and picking up great deals on Skis, Skates and Snowboards. We always have a great deal of Hockey equipment for a fraction of what you would pay, if you bought new. Thanks everyone for your support of this great North Shore event.


Congratulations to Danielle for the continued success of her fabulous homemade pasta and wine shop. Danielle has a gorgeous new website, with great information on her local sources and the natural, organic wines she carries, with photos by Nubar Alexanian.

Visit Danielle’s website here. 

Message from Danielle ~

Three and a half years ago, I decided to take the biggest risk of my life and open up my shop in a tiny 800 sq. ft. space that was originally a shared space. My cool retro display case broke the first day, half the shapes were extruded and half the shapes were made completely by hand, and I even tried a little tricolore up at the top.

I’ve since refined, worked on my Italian language skills, educated myself more on regional Italian cuisine and family recipes, visited with numerous farmers and artisans here and in Italy, as well as meet and feed some of the most wonderful people in my community.

It’s super exhausting, challenging and tiring. But I love this more than you could ever imagine. Having the opportunity to educate and put real food on your tables has been my life goal. What I’m saying is, holy shit, the store has changed since the beginning, now I’m on Main Street, selling real Italian provisions from @gustiamo and natural wines from @selectionaturel . My importers and I have the same values and views. We work so hard as outcasts to deliver you the real message and passion of the people behind your food and wine.

Updated my website, check it out. I now am not just a pasta shop, but a provisions + natural wine shop too. Wow, to believe I built this with my two hands is not worthy of thanking all the people that helped me along the way….especially my customers – we have created a serious movement, thank you for coming into the shop. The power of the consumer is REAL!

Located at 123 Main Street, Suite 1, in historic downtown Gloucester.


Open Wednesday-Sunday  11 AM to 7-ish PM

Closed Monday & Tuesday

The moral of the story is Danielle pretty much lives at the shop. Give us a ring if you’re heading out and you’d like to place your order in advance and/or you think you might miss us.


+1 (978) -868-5005


Jeff Weaver – Transcending the Familiar

Reception Wednesday, November 13, 5-7 pm

Over 20 of Jeff’s paintings will be exhibited
at the Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts, at Endicott College

The show begins November 5, 2019, and runs through March 2, 2020.

Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts
Heftler Visiting Artist Gallery

Endicott College
376 Hale Street
Beverly, MA .

For more information please call: (978) 590-2979.


TOO FAT FOR CHINA: A Comic Look at the Agony of Adoption by PHOEBE POTTS

Gloucester Stage Company presents TOO FAT FOR CHINA, a world premiere one woman show written and performed by cartoonist and storyteller Phoebe Potts, November 23, 24, 30 and December 1 at Gloucester Stage, 267 E Main St., Gloucester.

This comedic theater performance (debuting on National Adoption Day, Nov. 23) is a sequel to Potts’ graphic memoir, Good Eggs (Harper, 2010), which charts her travails with infertility and the endless rounds of treatments and miscarriages she and her husband endured. Roz Chast, the New Yorker cartoonist, called Potts’ memoir “sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always honest, intelligent, and completely involving.”

In Too Fat for China, Potts picks up the narrative with her quest for an international adoption. The story has a happy ending, but it twists and turns through fraught questions about family and race— subjects that feel particularly pertinent in our current political climate. Potts tackles it all, as she does life, with humor and irreverence.


Saturday, November 23: 7:30pm

Sunday, November 24: 2:00pm

Saturday, November 30: 7:30pm

Sunday, December 1: 2:00pm

Gloucester Stage Company, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 TICKET PRICES: $25 Available for purchase online to or by calling the Box Office at 978.281.4433

7:13AM #7 Voter At East Gloucester Elementary Send In Your Voting Selfie and/or Voter Number and I’ll Add It To This Post

Catherine Ryan At 7:43- # 11 East Gloucester

Breaking Election News:

An old timer comes down the dock this morning and i ask him if he voted yet.

He replies that he’s not voting and this guy is a guy that doesn’t go a half hour without talking politics.

I told him and this is for the record that if one of the candidates that we consider to be terrible gets elected by a one vote margin that I will never ever let him forget it.

So here it is, the reminder.  You could get stuck with someone that you can’t stand as a candidate.  if voter turnout is low and that person gets in by one vote and does things that you are diametrically opposed to, you have no one to blame but yourself.

8:32 Ralph DiGiorgio Voted



We convinced the old timer who wasn’t going to vote, to vote-

10:35 Jane Marchurs reports 190 voters at East Gloucester Elementary


Kate Voted at 1:40PM  373 Voters at East Gloucester

Tong Ren Healing Circle

Cape Ann Wellness

Come join Tong Ren practitionerCraig Holmes as he facilitates this hour long healing class.

Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health. It is based on the principle that many diseases are caused by physical blockages that interrupt the body’s natural flow of “chi”, the subtle bioelectricity we need to maintain the health of every cell and organ in our body. Tong Ren seeks to release these blockages, restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The Tong Ren energy healing is an effective method to working your overall health and wellbeing but has been very effective with people with Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes , Parkinson Disease and other serious illnesses. The primary goal of the healing system, remove the blockages which interferes with the proper functioning of the body.

Come Join our Tong Ren Healing class for general healing. This class…

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