7:13AM #7 Voter At East Gloucester Elementary Send In Your Voting Selfie and/or Voter Number and I’ll Add It To This Post

Catherine Ryan At 7:43- # 11 East Gloucester

Breaking Election News:

An old timer comes down the dock this morning and i ask him if he voted yet.

He replies that he’s not voting and this guy is a guy that doesn’t go a half hour without talking politics.

I told him and this is for the record that if one of the candidates that we consider to be terrible gets elected by a one vote margin that I will never ever let him forget it.

So here it is, the reminder.  You could get stuck with someone that you can’t stand as a candidate.  if voter turnout is low and that person gets in by one vote and does things that you are diametrically opposed to, you have no one to blame but yourself.

8:32 Ralph DiGiorgio Voted



We convinced the old timer who wasn’t going to vote, to vote-

10:35 Jane Marchurs reports 190 voters at East Gloucester Elementary


Kate Voted at 1:40PM  373 Voters at East Gloucester

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