Dead seal on Long Beach

Gray vistas spanned the beat of life and death in nature and prompted basic questions about shelter and what do you think happened here?  We stepped over a seagull’s still and headless body and a fury of feathers. Seagulls were fighting over the remains of a sting ray we thought was a horseshoe crab. They didn’t want to see the dead seal. Was it the same seal we saw resting yesterday, the seal my son was relieved to report he saw dip back into the sea? Maybe, I said. A passerby asked if I reported it to a wildlife agency. Enough nature for one morning, my sons turned home to shoot hoops. We heard the sweet sounds from piping plovers, someone raking seaweed, and joyous chatter from a family of 4 swimming before the coming storm.






tired seal at Long Beach this afternoon and sandpipers all day

Everyone is staying far away from the seal and it blends in with the sand from a distance.

This morning there were scores of busy shore birds. (And more bounding dogs off leash.)




#BandAid30 ~ Listen to This Soulful Rendition of “Do They Know Its Christmas” and Help Support African Nations in the Fight Against Ebola

Band Aid 30 ~ Do They Know Its Christmas (2014)

All proceeds from the sale of “Do They Know Its Christmas” go towards the Band Aid Charitable Trust.

Thirty years after the first “Do They Know its Christmas,” which was recorded to raise money and awareness for famine relief in Ethiopia, Bob Geldof has again rounded up an all star cast of musicians including Sam Smith, Chris Martin, Seal, and Bono.

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Reflections at Brace Cove and Niles Pond

Brace Cove Haror Seal copy

Our plane was delayed 7 hours en route to Cincinnati for Christmas. Fortunately, we were able to stay in contact with the airline from home. My daughter Liv and I went for a walk along the berm dividing Brace Cove and Niles Pond while waiting to leave. As we were looking at the sun setting over Niles Pond, we by chance turned towards Brace Cove and were captivated by the vibrant colors reflected in the windows of the home on the point. Magically a Harbor Seal swam onto the scene and scootched up on the rock and he too, caught the last of the sun’s fleeting light!

Niles Pond sunsetNiles Pond December Sunset

Boy Meets Seal From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

I was fortunate enough to witness this encounter that a boy had with a baby seal in Wonson Cove today.  I’m not sure who had the bigger smile when it was over, but they were both very happy!  The kayaking he is using is a fantastic boat for small kids and a great value! Check out our write up about them here:

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Seal at Lighthouse Beach Photos From Elinor Teele

My family and I discovered this visitor taking a bath at Lighthouse Beach.
Naturally we didn’t think it polite to disturb, so we headed for home, only to discover it had finished performing its Sunday ablutions and was moving on to dinner.
Sushi, we presume.

(We kept well away – pictures are taken with long lens)
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Sunny February Sunday!



This young male seal was hanging by the dunes yesterday. Hard to keep the dogs from checking him out. The marine crew put up a sign to stay back, but the dogs….! Anyone know if the seal made it back to the ocean yet?

Annie’s been very sick, but she’s getting better everyday. Fresh air on the beach always helps!

Those two brown dogs were FAST!

Gloucester Seal

Hey Joe,

Every year in late December/Early January, we have a seal show up in the cove that loves to hang out on top of the moraine boulder that is visible in Wonson Cove at low tide, but covered by water a high tide.  I’m can’t be sure if it’s always the same seal, but the behavior is always the same.  He will hang around on top of the boulder for hours and leave when the rock is half exposed by the tide.  He’ll stick around for a couple of weeks and then he’ll disappear. I’m thinking he’s gorging on urchins, then moving on.  When he comes back the following year, the urchins have rebounded.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some photos in the future to use as comparison from year to year. 

Anyhow, whether the seals are the same one or not from year to year, we’re calling him Rocky.

Enjoy ~Bill O’Connor

North Shore Kid


Bill I’m not sure if this is the same seal I took pictures of back in late September-

Here are my photos-

and video-

Damon Cummings speaks of a certain seal that follows him down the harbor each day he rows in the dory.  Could possibly be the same one.