GloucesterCast 367 with Aurelia Nelson, Allen Estes, Patrick Ryan, Chris McCarthy, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Ralph Digiorgio, Scotty Mac,Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/24/19

GloucesterCast 367 with Aurelia Nelson, Allen Estes, Patrick Ryan, Chris McCarthy, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Ralph Digiorgio, Scotty Mac,Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/24/19


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Topics Include:
Winner Of  The Word Of The Day is Jane The Plover Monitor

Treats provided by Mom’s Kitchen- muffins, healthy veggies  and homefries!

Mom’s Kitchen will be moving across the street to some new digs!

We’ve incorporated a second camera into the podcast.

Our friends from Atlanta loved Gloucester- Roberto Falls In Love With Gloucester

Lobster Rolls with Mayo vs Lobster Rolls with Butter

Cape Ann Giclee Gift certificates are brilliant gifts.

Cape Ann Makers Market is next week.- CAMM 2019 Holiday Market Saturday, November 30, 2019
More info here-

Crush Cancer Sugo vs Gravy Event at Tonno Dec 4 is sold out but donations accepted at the Go Fund Me page:
Maritime Gloucester Deck the Docks event Wed Dec 4 – Sunday Dec 8. Pat will be volunteering and hope to see you there.

Nominations/ format for the GMG Meatball Challenge

Grand Banks is Giving Cheer

From now until December 6th, we will be collecting donations at our showroom in Gloucester. We’ll also be selling raffle tickets at our holiday party for a chance to win prizes and give back to the community at the same time. All proceeds will be donated to Wellspring. Join us as we come together to celebrate. All are welcome. December 4th 4-7PM party

Please RSVP to

Ralph DiGiorgio Frank Restaurant On Rantoul St Beverly

Ralph Has Ideas for New Chairs For The Podcast Set

Alpine Apparel Caps Proceeds To

Scotty Mac Recaps Toy Drive Kickoff

Lots of hawks in the area


Taking advantage of whatever sunshine can be had at this time of year, I took Charlotte to Plum Island for the day this past Thursday. We began at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and were immediately enchanted with an American Bittern stealth hunting in the marsh, a regal buck, Pintail Ducks, and hawks. Next we made sand castles at Sandy Point and then spent a great deal of time exploring a seemingly abandoned bulldozer in the parking lot there.

Lunch was a shared lobster roll from Bob’s Lobster Shack, which is located on the causeway heading out to Plum Island. We then stopped at the refuge headquarters to see the Snowy Owl, Piping Plover, and Monarch displays.

Charlotte’s day was made perfect when we learned that homemade cupcakes could be found at the Buttermilk Baking Company.

Last stop was one of my favorite shops for wonderfully unique and vintage home decor, The Barn at Todd Farm. The shop is decorated beautifully for the holidays and is bursting with Christmas gifts and treasures.

The American Bittern hunting in the marsh at Parker River was not at first easy to locate. Not only do the brown and buff colors of their feathers meld perfectly with the surrounding vegetation, but this heron has adapted an additional, highly effective method of camouflage. The Bittern stands motionless with its neck tilted upward, mirroring the tall reeds where the bird forages for fish, crustaceans, amphibians, insects, reptiles, and even small mammals. 

The Bittern was beautiful to watch, perfectly poised in striking mode and waiting for the exact moment to attack. He wasted not an ounce of energy and did not miss a single strike.

Swallowing fish whole and head first

American Bitterns breed in our region however, they generally migrate further south for the winter to regions where the water does not freeze. Managed wetlands such as those found within Parker River Wildlife Refuge play an important role in the survival of the American Bittern, especially during migration and the winter months.

Colin Cowherd Predicting Patriots Loss At Home This Sunday

The Homie Cast

Just the way the Patriots like it. Everyone doubting them. I can’t wait to watch

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Cape Ann Special Olympics at Stop & Shop selling raffle tickets

Cape Ann Community

Massachusetts Special Olympics Calendar raffle tickets are now available and are only $10 a ticket this gives you 31 chances to win one of the great prizes available – see calendar above.

On this Sunday, November 24th,  Cape Ann Special Olympics will have a table at Stop & Shop selling our calendar raffles from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm – please stop by and support our wonderful local team of athletes! Your generous $10 raffle ticket purchase helps us buy uniforms and equipment for our athletes!

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Warm Welcome Home

Our first stop back home yesterday was Halibut Point. GMG Jimmy was craving chowder and he was not disappointed. I allowed myself an Irish Coffee. Thanks Halibut Point for the warm welcome back. Same to those of you traveling home for Thanksgiving!