Tonight’s full (appropriately named) Frost Moon rising between  the Twin Lights. The Frost Moon is also known as the Beaver Moon and Mourning Moon. Oh how I wish I had my tripod with me tonight, but this image is fun anyway. I think it would make a better painting.

JAZZ DINNER, November 14: Jose Allende at Feather and Wedge!


Feather & Wedge is delighted to feature Jose Allende for this week’s Jazz Dinner. Allende delivers a captivating mix of jazz standards and Latin American music featuring improvisation, South American rhythms and classical music influences.

Reservations highly suggested!  978.999.5917

Thursday, November 14
6:30 PM- 9:00 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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Trivia Night Fundraiser at Minglewood Harborside


East Gloucester Elementary

(while the funds raised will go to support enrichment programs for the kids, this event is for adults)

Wednesday, November 20th
At Minglewood Harborside

Trivia starts at 7 PM, $5 per person to play

The East Gloucester Elementary School PTO is raising funds to cover the costs associated with this year’s all school read The Trumpet of the Swan, so we decided to cover two categories that aren’t quite related, but fit the title: Music & Animals

Round One: A Murder of Crows and Other Collective Nouns
Round Two: It Smells Like Flannel
Round Three: Bats Turn Left + More Strange Animal Facts
Round Four: A Bitter Sweet Symphony of 90’s Movie Soundtracks
Bonus Round: Hey Hey, We’re The Monkeys (Yes, Bands with Animal Names)

This event is open to all, so come show off your trivia knowledge for a good cause…

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Wednesdays at The Rhumb Line ~ John Rockwell hosts this evening with his guest Robert Brown 7pm 11.13.2019

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, November 13… 7pm start

Your Guest Host: John  Rockwell w/ Robert Brown

Arguably the most popular artist we’ve ever featured on our Rhumb Line Wednesday show (and… who wants to argue?),

John Rockwell graciously fills in as host this week while I work a Hernando Beach, FL show with my Orleans bandmates.

Thanks again, John!  Among the millions of hits throughout pop culture’s history, I’m guessing there are maybe 3 or 4 he can’t play.  Why don’t you drop by and shoot out some requests?

See if you can stump him.  Good luck with that!  See you next week.  ~ Fly

Dinner with great music!

*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan Forsythe!  Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!


11/20 Chick & Ellen

11/27 Thanksgiving Eve w/The Talking Dogs

Electric Show: Dave Brown, Fly, Wolf, Mattacks

Plus special guest… Dan-O King!

12/4 Lisa Marie

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂



GLOUCESTER, Mass. – Wildlife rehabilitators are urging residents and business owners not to use rat poison as it is suspected in the deaths of three foxes and a coyote in Gloucester in recent weeks, as well as countless other animals.

The latest fox was found dead on Good Harbor Beach Tuesday morning.

Jodi Swenson, head of Cape Ann Wildlife Inc., said she has taken in too many animals that have died slow, painful deaths from secondary rodenticide poisoning.

Residents and business owners are leaving rat poison outside, killing mice and rats, which are then eaten by bigger predators, including foxes, chipmunks, raccoons and birds of prey.

“It’s a horrendous way to die. They’re basically bleeding out,” Swenson said. “It’s sad, and it’s maddening because we know [the fox] most likely ate a poisoned mouse or rat. He’s trying to do his job, and he’s dying for it.”

Jane Newhouse, the owner of Newhouse Wildlife Rescue of Chelmsford, said she has taken in more animals suffering from rodenticide poisoning than those hit by cars.

“Of all the things that I see, this is one of the worst things we as humans do to our wildlife,” Newhouse said. “Often, [the bigger animals] might eat one rat or mouse that has it and it’ll be in their system for a while.”

Newhouse treated a four-month-old fox that, testing showed, had ingested three different kinds of rodent poison over the course of its short life. She also cared for a pregnant raccoon that went into early labor. All of the animals died.

“It was probably the worst thing I’ve witnessed as a wildlife rehabilitator, not only to see her go through it and to see the amount of suffering that that poor mama endured, but then to have lost all the babies inside her,” Newhouse said.

As the natural predators of rats and mice are killed off, the rodent problem is only getting worse, Newhouse said.

“If you kill your local bird of prey, your local hawk who usually kills a thousand rodents a year, what’s going to happen is yes, temporarily your issue is solved, but it’s going to come back with a vengeance, and you’re going to have way more,” Newhouse said.

Newhouse is working on testing as many animals as possible for rodenticide poisoning to get solid numbers to bring to the state in order to get the legislature to ban rodent poison.

“If you’ve ever witnessed the slow death that rodenticide is, you’d absolutely be on board with banning this stuff,” Newhouse said. “It’s awful. It’s awful for the animals.”

Wildlife rescuers urge the public to use other alternatives to rodent poison, including prevention – simply limiting trash and food outside and sealing off entrances to shelter for rodents. If necessary, quick-kill snap traps are a better option than bait, experts say.

The above graphics are printable small poster size. The black and white one is great for kids to color.


Here’s an idea- I’d like to buy a Vineyard Vines Vest. If you like Vineyard Vines and plan to buy something there you’ll get 20% off if you sign up with this link and I’ll get $20 to buy my vest. Simple right?


Here’s the link-


I’m guessing if you already have a Vineyard Vines email you could use a different one to get that 20% off for yourself.

Check Out “Replacing the Bruins’ Big Man” By Michael DiGiorgio On the Black N Gold Hockey Blog

The Homie Cast

Replacing the Bruins’ Big Man


By: Michael DiGiorgio | Follow Me On Twitter@BostonDiGiorgio

Head Coach Bruce Cassidy recently shuffled his defensive lines to give some of his young stars a spark. The move sends Charlie McAvoy, the Bruins former 2016 first-round pick, to Matt Grzelyck’s right side. The long-time left-shot defenseman, Zdeno Chara, to play with Connor Clifton. Chara has been the Bruins’ staple on the blue line as their number-one defenseman, and the recent move begs the question: What we can expect for life after Chara?

Read the entire article here

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We’re giving you a FREE $25 Serenitee Card for every $100 you spend on Gift Cards at any of our Serenitee Group restaurants now through November 25, 2019.


Start your holiday shopping early with this special offer!

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