What makes a #GreatTeacher? Try Mr. Goulart’s local history trivia for 9th graders at Gloucester High School! Week 1 of 6- good luck!

GHS_20180423_©catherine ryan

Knowing how much Gloucester fans enjoy history and hearing when it’s integrated into the school curriculum, I thought GMG readers would like to know about a Local History Trivia game 2019 by Gloucester High School teacher, Shaun Goulart, AND to give it a go!

And who doesn’t like a great teacher story?

For the next six weeks I’ll post local history trivia questions from Shaun Goulart’s creative weekly scavenger hunt project for his 9th grade history class at Gloucester High School– except we’ll be one week behind the students’ pace. He explains that the “questions are multi-layered and usually have an image required in the submission. All questions will deal with Gloucester’s local history. I recommended to the students to utilize friends and family so your student may be reaching out to you for help. It is a competition and the prizes will be calculated into the Term 4 grade” for the students. No thoughts about what the prize could be for this tandem run.

I’ll post the quiz just after the students’ weekly deadline, and post the answers the following Wednesday. Leave your answers in the comments below( or email) — first all correct submission will earn top points.

GHS Gloucester Mass_20190129_© catherine Ryan

The GMG point structure for Shaun Goulart’s local history trivia hunt 2019 will be as follows:

  • First submission correct on first day, Sunday  = 5 points
  • Submitted Correctly first day, Sunday = 4 points
  • Submitted Correctly second day, Monday  = 3 points
  • Submitted Correctly third day, Tuesday = 2 points
  • Submitted Correctly Wednesday = 1 point


1)In 1848 a blacksmith named Nathaniel R. Webster started a company by damming a local brook. What did the brook become known as?

2)What did Webster’s company become known as?

3)Take a picture at the present day location of the company (selfie or with a member in it)

4)Take a picture of the street named after him with a member in it.

5)What is in place of the brook today?

6)Take a picture at the location of the old dam with a member in front.


7)A competitor to Webster named Francis W. Homans in 1876 created a 32 acre man-made lake. What is the lake known as?

8)Submit a screenshot of a map of the lake (Google Maps or Google Earth)

9)What year did the two companies merge?

*We’ll see how the photo part plays out. Maybe there’s a bonus for great photos 🙂

snow_20190306_Gloucester Mass © catherine ryan
What fun from teacher Shaun Goulart! The answers could be anywhere out there

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