Paris Day 3

We started the day with a walk in a different direction than the ones we’ve been taking from our neighborhood just to explore more. Walked down Saint-Germain past quite a few shops and cafes, that could be said about any neighborhood And it’s fun window shopping along the way. Although the cafes are mostly open, the restaurants are pretty much empty right up until noon.

After settling in for lunch we headed to The Louvre. If you know about Paris probably third behind the Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triumph in popularity is The Louvre, the world’s largest collection of art.

It is massive. Ginormous. Getting there early was key because we only waited on cue for about 15 minutes to get in but when we were leaving the lines looked outrageous.

So much to see we winded our way through the Sully and Denon sections, marveling at the mummies, tombs, Murals and paintings. Found our way to the massive room where The Mona Lisa is displayed. It’s a massive massive room and the Mona Lisa is a relatively tiny painting. I guess you’d be regret going through and not laying your eyes on the world’s most famous painting. Does it make someone sound dumb if they tell you they don’t get why this particular painting is the world’s most famous? The entire museum is just incredible.

After the Louvre I was determined to find a place that was playing the Champions League soccer match between Paris St Germain and Manchester United. Fired up the trusty strip Advisor App on which a user had suggested Frog et Rosbif was a place likely to have the game on.

As it turns out it was3PM or so and after the 25 minute walk we find out the game doesn’t start til 9PM. We sat down anyway as Frog et Rosbif is also a brewery. Kate got an Aperol spritz and I fell in love with their Ginger Twist beer. The game didn’t start til 9 PM but there were English fans from Manchester United pouring into the place and they were getting after it at a pretty ferocious pace 6 hours before the game was to even start. We chatted with a few of them learning that most of them actually came from all over Europe but were all Man U fans. There was no way we could drink all day and keep up with these animals.

Our server from the Ukraine who spoke perfect English mentioned a fun place to check out called “Player One”. It’s got oversized classic video games to play. We walked about fifteen minutes down Rue Saint-Denis and Kate was in heaven. Stayed for a bit and then started our walk back home.

On the long walk home we discovered Rue Montorgueil. It’s a pedestrian area that’s a permanent market with cheese shops, bakeries, salumierie, all kinds of food and wait for it……..cafes and restaurants! I really love this town. When we come back I’d like to stay up here in the second arrondismont. Kate’s still sleeping but she’d probably tell you she’d prefer where we are staying because it’s quieter.

We made our way back to the apartment to freshen up and head back out to Frog et Rosbif to watch the soccer match. We got there by Uber and the crowd of Manchester United fans all dressed in black had grown considerably. And they were LOUD. I was there to cheer for PSG and my favorite player Mbappe. We met a knowledgeable soccer fan Pierre and a couple of other PSG fans that we sat with and had a great time. The bar was crazy. Each side trying to drown out the other with victory chants. I was surprised the place didn’t get wrecked as there was an air of danger in the Man U large mob. Lots and lots of fun. PSG lost and got knocked out of Champions League in a wretched way with little time left on the clock and a penalty kick.

Uber home and we got let out of the car where I thought was close to a corner store where we could pick up a European outlet as ours broke but got off course and it started to pour. We went around the neighborhood twice trying to find it in the pouring rain only to finally find it and it was closed. Good for a laugh and the memories.  Total miles walked day 3= 8 miles.

Here’s the pics-


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