17 Marathons To Go For Adventureman

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17 MARATHONS TO GO (out of 210) 🇺🇸🏃🏻 • Hey everybody! Before I mention too much about this video diary, I feel like I have to say sorry about being a little quiet. • In the last couple of days – I’ve been feeling a bit stressed, truth be told! • I’m running some serious miles to make it to New York City on time for a talk to help with the fundraising and trying to squeeze in the video editing exhausted is a huge challenge. • That said, here’s a longer video post to catch you up… • === Video diary includes === • ☕ a lovely cup of tea 📚 book signing and amazing event for fundraising – raising nearly $2,000!!! 👽 a scene from Independence Day 😂 abuse (well, we Brits call it banter) about Sean 🏃🏻 Relay of runners • So go on, click the video for sound, sit back and enjoy the latest look at what it’s really like to run across America! 🛋🍿 • (I feel like I should say as well – Baltimore is an amazing city and there's a video to follow on that visiting the @hopkinschildrens Center. I just think the section I ran through, in the dark, *was* a bit scary. I might just be easy to spook, though 😱😂!) • === My route to the END! === • Here’s my route, alllll the way through to the end of the run – so, if anybody wants to join me, or plan anything up ahead for me (hey, don’t ask don’t get 🤷‍♂!) then DM me and I’ll message you with the link. • === LIVE tracker === • Here’s my LIVE tracker, never stop stalking me, pleeeeease and enjoy looking at the new features: (link in bio @adventureman 🙌) • === Donate === • And if you’d like to donate to help improve the lives of sick kids, please do, it’s what it’s all about. • Donate here: (link in bio @adventureman 🙌)

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