When is the ban on dog poop plastic bag litter?

It’s that time of year dog poop litter altars… 


all year (below= June 2018) 

dog poop plastic bag litter_June_summer_20180601_©c ryan

Top photo grid: first photo was one day in November when I saw 10 bags along the route. The rest are just a few snaps from one day 12/16/18. You can click the photos twice to enlarge them to full size from the wordpress mosaic format. 


5 thoughts on “When is the ban on dog poop plastic bag litter?

  1. This is a constant problem on Long Beach off season. They walk on the beach but leave their mess on the seawall and in people’s yards, Shame on the dog owners. I own a home on Long Beach and live in West Gloucester. Shame on Rockport and Gloucester for allowing this.


  2. That’s disgusting. Why can’t they carry the bag with them and dump it when they get back home? I ALWAYS do that. We love Gloucester and visit several times during the year. I notice not very many people pay attention to the No Dogs on Beach signs during specific times of the year. We never walk the beach with our dog when not allowed, and when we were there this last October, we walked with her on the beach, on her leash. She is never off-leash, even home.


  3. Beyond disgusting. I am not a dog owner but have many friends who extol the pleasures and rewards of having pets in their lives as part of their family. Maybe dog owners who leave their dog’s mess for others to see and clean up don’t consider their pets part of the family and I can’t imagine what these people’s families are like if they behave the same way at home? Arrogant, irresponsible, disrespectful of the environment and other people and give the responsible dog owners a bad name. Once my husband saw a woman allowing her dog to go on someone’s grave at the cemetery and when he said something–she said she didn’t care..I guess she speaks for the others who do what we see in these pictures–they just don’t care.


  4. The issue of dog poop is ongoing and no one ever attempts to solve it, just complain about it. The dog people police each other, and are definitely complying with the pick up poop laws. Folks come here to walk their pets and spend money on food, shopping and summer parking. To drive back home with poop in a bag in the car is very rude and small for us to expect of these folks. Back in the day the day when Gloucester was dog and visitor friendly, we used to provide trash receptacles at Good Harbor and Wingearsheek, why can’t they take some of the revenue from summer parking fees and put the trash buckets back??? We came up with odd/even and that’s worked, so place one large enough bucket at the beaches with surveillance cameras Put this to bed once and for all so we can go on to the next major issue, like what do we do when there are no more plastic doggie bags???


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