On a recent hike looking for Redpolls and Snow Buntings, I encountered a pair of Snowy Owls intently battling over territory. Positioned low on a dune trail, half kneeling and partially hidden while photographing a Black-capped Chickadee, when a Snowy flew right in front of my path, twenty feet away. Rats! It all happened so quickly I didn’t capture even a moment. Suddenly out of nowhere a second Snowy appeared, hot on his trail. This one landed on the path I was traveling, not ten feet away. We both looked at each other in utter amazement but this time I had my movie camera turned on! He/she didn’t wait to see what I was doing and off he flew in the direction of the female Snowy. The two flew through the dunes, landing and taking off several times. I lost sight of the pair for a few moments when way, way out over the ocean the two were spied in an aerial duel.

I am going to try to post the close-up Snowy clip before Christmas. It’s been several weeks since that day and I have not seen either–hopefully they did not discourage one another from wintering over in the dunes and are still in the vicinity.

The sweet flock of Redpolls was found, but as with the owls, neither species has been seen since that beautiful day watching Snowies soar through the dunes. Will post the Redpoll photos later this week 🙂

watching the Snowies soaring through the dunes. Will post the Redpoll photos later this week 🙂

From the Gloucester Daily Times

New owners taking over Morning Glory

A Lynnfield couple, who currently own and operate the Mediterranean bistro Yella in Andover, plan to open a similar eatery on Western Avenue at the site of the former Morning Glory restaurant, directly across from Stacy Boulevard and the vista of Gloucester Harbor.

The new restaurant, according to co-owner and manager Danielle Berdahn, will be called Yella on the Water. Yella is a common phrase in several Mediterranean languages for “Come on, let’s go.”

Berdahn said she and her husband, chef Carlo Berdahn, plan to operate seasonally from March through December, offering lunch and dinner service seven days a week for both indoor and alfresco dining on an attached deck.

The couple, doing business as DAB Restaurant Group, has filed an application with the city for a full seasonal liquor license for the new establishment. The Licensing Board has set the public hearing on the license for Monday at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

The application states the restaurant will occupy about 1,450 square feet and seat 86 — 50 inside the restaurant and another 36 on the existing 280 square-foot deck the Berdahns hope to expand slightly by wrapping it around the existing building.

They are leasing the property at 25-29 Western Ave. from the Trustees of the Harbor View Realty Corp.

The opening of the restaurant will return Berdahn to a place of some of her happiest childhood memories, when her family used to summer in West Gloucester. Her father now is a year-round Gloucester resident.

“We’re really excited about our plans,” Berdahn said Friday. “Gloucester is such a special place.”

Both Berdahns are experienced restaurateurs.

They’ve operated Yella in Andover for nine years, generating excellent reviews, including being named as a top restaurant by the popular Phantom Gourmet television dining show.

The Andover restaurant currently is closed as it continues to deal with issues related to the natural gas disaster that devastated much of the Merrimack Valley in September.

“Right now we’re still undergoing renovations and hope to reopen soon,” she said.

Carlo Berdahn, originally from North Lebanon, first worked as a chef at The International Beirut hotel and is classically trained in seven cooking styles. He came to the United States in 2001 and later opened The Phoenecia Cafe in Orleans on Cape Cod.

He sold the cafe in 2006 and went to work as a chef for the catering company, The Catered Affair, where he met Danielle.

Danielle Berdahn previously previously worked at the fine-dining restaurant, Aujourd’hui, in the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston.

Pet of the Week- Mr. Beanz

mr beanz
Handsome, witty, and charming; Mr. Beanz is what my friends call me! I’m a single guy who is looking to change that. I’m intelligent (If I were a person, I would spend many hours a day reading by the fire in my home office, adorned with a silk robe and designer reading glasses propped low on my nose), gentle (I’ve never been known to so much as bat at a person. If I’m uncomfortable, I choose to take the high road and remove myself from the situation), and inquisitive (I find learning how the world works to be very intriguing, and make it my mission to gather as much knowledge as possible). I have also been working on honing my skills in regard to what you humans like to call “tricks”, such as “sit” and “high five” (Check out the video in my profile of me in action. Can anyone say instagram stardom here we come?!). I know I can learn more of these “tricks” if you’re willing to teach me.
As aforementioned, I’m the thinking type, and I REALLY like treats, so training me is a no-brainer. Being the wise gentleman that I am, I’m pretty willing to go with the flow. I like being around people, but I don’t crave constant attention (Eww, annoying! Don’t worry, I’m polite enough to know I’m not the only important thing in your world). I don’t mind the company of other cats one bit, so I can certainly be an addition to your feline collection. I’m always on the move, forever exercising my investigative skills. I promise there will never be a dull moment with me around. If you give me a loving forever home I promise to fill your days with entertainment and companionship. C’mon, help a single guy change his status. I really am quite the catch and I think you’ll agree.
To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at www.capeannanimalaid.org.

When Rib Roasts are on sale for $4.99 you buy first, ask questions later.

Northeast BBQ

$4.99 with coupon from the flyer at Stop and Shop.

Reverse Sear with a lil hickory and cherry for smoke. Incisions every couple of inches around the roast inserting slivers of garlic.

Olive oil slather, salt pepper, garlic and Italian herb rub. Smoked between 250-275 using the @abcbarbecue #slownsear until 120 internal. Then raked the coals to shake out the ashes and get them glowing red and finished with a sear about 45 seconds on each side. Rest for twenty minutes and then carved for edge to edge rare with a nice crust.

Here are the details from the ad-

Valid December 14, 2018 – December 20, 2018

With Coupon & Purchase LIMIT 2 pkgs. VALID DEC.14-20, 2018 WITHOUT COUPON $6.99/lb. Must use Stop & Shop Card and meet minimum spend in one…

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