The tree, the lights, the star-it’s perfect–Gloucester’s world famous Lobster Trap Tree is aglow ❤


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From our friend and talented artist Amy Kerr

Thanks to Lisa Smith and 1623 Studios, I Am More has a video and it was released the other day.


Lisa is apparently a genius because I was a nervous wreck and you really can’t tell! She did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the project, so feel free to share!



Amy Kerr

Shop Local WITH THE COOLEST GUYS AROUND! – Cape Pond Ice Gift Shop – Fort Wharf, Gloucester

Shop local – Gloucester Christmas on Commercial Street – Fort Wharf / Cape Pond Ice Gift Shop – good time for replacing worn out, out-grown, or stolen (by your brother) Cape Pond Ice gear for the holidays – or for that “Cool”  friend or family member who just never got one, now’s the time…  good inventory & choices in stock.

Open Saturday 9 – 1, weekdays 9-5, or on-line:  www.capepondice.com

The .01% is winning and we’re all losing because it.

These are people desperate for attention and media outlets desperate for clicks and views to sell advertising.  It’s the perfect storm.  The media company knows it’s so outrageous that it will get people talking and viewing.  99.9 % of people have no problem with any of it.  It’s the .01% that is vocal and desperate for attention and not only are they getting it, but they are influencing what is being shown on tv and print through the fear of losing advertising dollars.  Sad really.

The perpetually offended are winning with a teeny tiny minority.

Thanks @aliciadewolfe for the graphic.

Timeline: Cape Ann – First Parish Burial Ground

The History of Gloucester’s First Parish Burial Ground in the third video, in a new series from 1623 Studios featuring Kory Curcuru of The Bridge Cape Ann, focusing on the backstory of local figures, landmarks, and geographic points of interest.
“Timeline: Cape Ann” is produced with help from Cape Ann Museum and the Gloucester Historical Commission. What do you want our next Timeline story to be about?