Saturday my daughter Liv and I took a break from all things Christmas and visited Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and Sandy Point Reservation. Hiking around the refuge is one of our favorite things to do and I was thrilled that she got to see not one, but two owls, a Barred Owl, and a Snowy Owl. The Barred was very nearly completely obscured in a dense thicket, nonetheless exciting to see, and the Snowy was spectacular, causing quite a hullabaloo with the onlookers as he perched in a tree by the road leading into the refuge.

To see an owl in the wild is a gift, and I am counting my blessings, for my beautiful, kind-hearted daughter, and wonderful wild creature encounters.

GloucesterCast 312 With Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Mike Codair, Melissa Cox, Bill Cox, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro 12/23/18


GloucesterCast 312 With Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Mike Codair, Melissa Cox and Bill, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro 12/23/18



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Topics Include:

Ralph brought pastries from Cafe Sicilia, Chris brought quiche from Cape Ann Coffee, Melissa Cox brought her biscotti.

Brandon Lafata Memorial Hockey game at O’Maley

Gloucester Most Eligible Bachelor Voting Results- Chris DeWolfe Takes the Crown

Bottling Ryan and Wood Malt Whiskey

Topside Grill Pickle Pizza


Stand Up Sit Down Front Back

The Franklin Pasta Carbonara

Stop and Shop gas reward program

Melissa Cox

Parker River Reserve

Radio Shack at Abacus Computer and The Mac Daddy 238 Main St

White Ellery House news

Bag ordinance

Melissa Cox and Marker Photography at Santandeer Manchester-By The Sea 17 Union Street Jan 3- Feb 6th Reception January 5th




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Gloucester’s Hopes

Gloucester High football has been in the news this week with the resignation of the current football coach Tony Zerilli after 8 seasons.  We wish him well.  I never know what I might find in my stash of treasures, but I found this Gloucester High football article from the 1958 season that I thought might make some of you smile. Shouting out to Red Rudolph, Henry Pascucci, Tim Ryan and Bobby Lopes.

FB game GDT Oct 3 1958

Check Out Mike From The Kettle Cooker’s BBQ Toolbox

Northeast BBQ

Mike may be about as hardcore as they get, got to respect how organized he is.  This is a fantastic video showing some tools and rubs you might like to keep on hand for BBQ and how to lug them around.

This is a link to get his box on Amazon

I use a much smaller toolbox from Dewalt for my BBQ gear and it cost $29.99-

Here’s a link to purchase the $29.99 Dewalt toolbox


Check out Mike’s YouTube channel here

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