GloucesterCast 314 With Paula Ryan OBrien, Chris McCarthy, The Rabbit, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/30/18


GloucesterCast 314 With Paula Ryan OBrien, Chris McCarthy, The Rabbit, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/30/18


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Topics Include:

GMG is officially 11 years old

Pat Jimmy and Paula brought mimosas this morning

Polar Plunge At Oakes Cove Beach New Year’s Day at Noon

Pledge To Plunge Sheet

Call In from Ralph DiGiorgio

Smoking Ban

Causeway restaurant eggplant parm

Duckworth’s Closing Jan 1 Reopening January 31st

Feather and Wedge New Year’s Eve


The Elks game name is a mystery to us

Rockport New Year’s Eve Schedule






While chatting with Cape Ann artist Deb Schradieck and her husband Peter last night at the Good Morning Gloucester holiday bash and amazing bbq, held at Cape Ann Giclee, Deb mentioned she had done a painting of our Snowy Owl Hedwig. The painting is of Hedwig dozing off, nestled under a rocky alcove on Atlantic Road. We would often see her resting, especially during the middle of the day, in between meals. Beautiful capture Deb!

Hedwig has not yet come back to the hotels on Atlantic Road. Folks ask me about this often, whether or not she will return to the same location. Snowy Owls wander widely in their generally north-south migrations. Even if she did return, I think it safe to say, she would look different after another year molting. We would possibly be able to recognize her by habit, but then again she would be a year older, and may have developed different habits. Hedwig is mighty strong, and appears healthy, and as female Snowies are dominant over the males in staking out territory, perhaps as a more mature owl she is spending the winter closer to her breeding grounds. That is my hope for her at least, and that she has many years ahead of making many little Snowy Owlets!

Thanks again to Deb Schradieck for sharing her lovely painting of Hedwig. To see more of Deb’s work, visit her gallery on Rocky Neck and check out her website here: Deb’s Art Gallery.


Making Sense of the Census

I saw this ad in the Gloucester Daily Times and thought it was worth sharing. The 2020 Census will be held soon and I understand these jobs are interesting and challenging. As you may know, the US Constitution provides for census taking; its main purpose being to determine Congressional representation. The federal census is taken every 10 years and the details become available 72 years later.


The most current census available is from 1940. This screenshot is shows residents of Fort Square and includes many familiar area family names such as Frontiero, Favazza, and Parisi. If you are curious, the 1940 census records are available for free at Family Search, Ancestry and the National Archives. They are very interesting!

Frontiero Fort Square Gloucester 1940

View from Fort Square 2018, perhaps not much changed from 1940.


Life in the phat lane…I just cant!!!!! @northeastbbq This prime rib was like butter….Smoked to perfection video from The Rabbit



Celebrate the New Year with brunch at Feather & Wedge featuring special musical guest Brian Alex. Brian Alex is well known locally as both a solo artist and a member of the World-Pop act Entrain.Brian has recorded with Paula Cole and Donna Summer, shared the stage with Bo Diddley and Bob Weir and opened for many famous headliners including Sheryl Crow, Matchbox 20 and Huey Lewis.

Brians music combines a unique pop sensibility with both rock and reggae, and a whole lot of soul.

Tuesday January 1, 2019

11 AM 3 PM

Reservations highly recommended.978.999.5917


Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966 978.999.5917

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