GloucesterCast 311 With Chris McCarthy, Ralph DiGiorgio, Mike Codair, Pat Dalpiaz, Tim Byrne, Jim Ellis, Kim Smith Taped 12/16/18


GloucesterCast 311 With Chris McCarthy, Ralph DiGiorgio, Mike Codair, Pat Dalpiaz, Tim Byrne, Jim Ellis, Kim Smith Taped 12/16/18


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Virgilio’s Ricotta Cookies, Ralph brought coffees, Chris Brought Quiche and Coffee from Cape Ann Coffees, Kim brought homemade coffee cake and minted walnuts.

GMG Holiday Party December 29th Gonna Be A BBQ!


Breaking up with a girl in my 20s because she bought me tickets to the ballet for my birthday.


Tommy Johns, Saxx Men’s Underwear

Peeing at a urinal methods,

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Demo

Toodleoos helps raise holiday spirit!

Trio Restaurant $3 any draft beer and $5 tapas

Farewell and we will miss Morning Glory. Welcome and hello to Yella on The Water.

Igloo at Envoy

Tonno dinner

Rockport Makers’ Market

Mike’s new Grinder profile picture

January Reiki Training: 1st Degree/Beginning Teaching Focuses on Self-Care

Cape Ann Wellness

Start the New Year with ‘Rest and Relaxation’ while learning self-reiki for self-care.

First Degree/Shoden (Beginning Teaching)2 Day** In-person Training. **Plus Additional requirements for ‘Certificate of Completion.’

When: Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27

Where: Peabody MA.

No pre-requisite necessary. Come with an open-mind and an open-heart!

The focus of this training is ‘Self-Reiki for Self-Care’

Self-reiki offers a quick and easy way to relax, improve comfort, increase calm and self-awareness, enjoy greater sense of inner peace, improve meditation practice, and make positive lifestyle changes easier.

Contact Us for Details and to Register – 978-283-4258 or Email:

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Waxing Cold Moon of December

Friday at day’s end Charlotte and I were walking along our favorite route when she pointed to the sky and said Moon, Moon. I wasn’t thinking to look for the Moon, but there it was, peaking through the clouds. This photo is for her 🙂


The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and The Cape Ann Community Foundation want to Thank You and Wish you the Happiest Christmas and New Year!!!

Thank you for your support for the Cape Ann License Plate at That support had helped the Cape Ann Community Foundation give back over $24,000 to the Cape Ann Community. Your Love for Cape Ann can be seen all over the North Shore. Give the gift that keeps on giving!!!

When is the ban on dog poop plastic bag litter?

It’s that time of year dog poop litter altars… 


all year (below= June 2018) 

dog poop plastic bag litter_June_summer_20180601_©c ryan

Top photo grid: first photo was one day in November when I saw 10 bags along the route. The rest are just a few snaps from one day 12/16/18. You can click the photos twice to enlarge them to full size from the wordpress mosaic format. 


Off Market Luxury Homes

Cape Ann Home

Right now there are dozens of luxury homes for sale on Cape Ann and the North Shore that you may not know anything about because they are considered “off market” by, and the multiple listing service. These off market opportunities are available, they’re just not easy to find. Interested? Keep watching.

Prepared by McDermott & MacCarthy of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. Visit for your free Off Market Luxury Home report.

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Breakfast at Sugar Magnolias

I had not been out to breakfast in a while and since I was downtown, I went to Sugar Magnolias. It was very busy Friday morning but the staff was friendly and efficient.

Yummy sounding offerings on the specialty drink menu.

The menu offered plenty of choices so I went with the East Main omelette with tomatoes, spinach, swiss and bacon. It would normally come with home fries but that’s not my favorite thing so the omelette might look a little lonely here but it was delicious and filling nonetheless. Thanks for a great experience Sugar Mags!

We’re Hiring Home Health Aids- Mavencare. Flexible Schedule, Better Pay, Choose Your Clients!

Cape Ann Wellness

Join a company that cares about you as much as their clients. We have immediate cases available where you can make a difference.

Mavencare Caregivers are the best in their field and view their career as more than just a job. Join our staff of healthcare professionals supporting seniors who wish to age in the comfort of home. You and our clients are supported by clinical managers, care coordinators and social workers as needed.

Click here to apply today:

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