GloucesterCast 295 With Traci Thayne Corbett, Ken Reihl and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/2/18


GloucesterCast 295 With Traci Thayne Corbett, Ken Reihl and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/2/18


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Topics Include:

Cape Ann Community Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Block Party

Mayor’s Reception

Schooner Festival Floats

Rudder Closed For The Season

Cape Ann Low License Plate Auction 

Sept 5th Businesswomen’s Mixer at Captain Carlos

Businesswomen’s Luncheon with Nancy Frates

Business after Hours At Bravo Pizza In Manchester

$25,000 Game

Clamfest August 20th

Cape Ann Plein Air Columbus Day Week

Art Haven

Back to School After School Programs

Slime Night September 28th

Thanks Susan Lipsett For making us Kouign Amann

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Mayor’s Race Large Schooner: Adventure

Columbia Trophy: Columbia

Medium Schooner: Tree of Life

Medium Schooner with a Marconi-rig: Brilliant

Small Schooner: Malibar

Small Schooner with a Marconi-rig: Blackbird

Amanda Maderia Award for the George Nichols Cup for Women Skippers: Hindu


Captain Heath Ellis and crew of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon

Hosted by the Schooner Festival Committee and Lenny Linquata of the Gloucester House Restaurant, the schooner fest captains and crew members were treated to a delicious and hardy breakfast this morning. Originally offered for a modest price, a rousing cheer was heard when it was announced breakfast was courtesy of the Schooner Festival Committee!

Thanks to the Schooner Festival Committee and to all the volunteers for all they do to bring this glorious event to Gloucester!
Schooner Lynx Captains Alex and Donald Peacock, Captain Tom Ellis, Mike Costello, and Schooner Committee Chairperson Daisy Nell

Host Lenny Linquata and Captain Tom

Rockport Fire Department responds to Long Beach cottage 🔥 fire smoke call

Area residents murmuring that the smoke is possibly due to a refrigerator electrical fire. Rockport firefighters are assessing the situation on the ground. Simultaneous scene of spectators and beachgoers

Smoke visibly rising front row cottage Long Beach Rockport Mass Gloucester_Sept 2_2018_131229©c ryan.jpg
smoke rising visible from a distance- from window of front row cottage Long Beach



Parade of Sails spotters and sportscasters as classic as Red Sox announcers!

Gorgeous morning brings big crowds to the boulevard for Gloucester 34th Annual Schooner Festival Parade of Sails. Color announcing is always excellent Photo Left to right: Laura with blue phone- assuming husband Jim spotting and calling in- major intel and committee work from both; Daisy Nell-great musician, singer, author and maritime gloucester historian – no wonder her color is so crisp and clear; and Mike Costello, former Cape Ann Chamber Pres. and co founder pushing event to Labor Day weekend. The city, Schooner Festival committee and sponsors do a remarkable job! Look for 1623 Studio broadcast (Cape Ann TV)- will add link here when available


Jim and Laura at last year Mayor’s Reception

Jim and laura lowell major behind the scenes schoooner festival committee 20170901_©c ryan.jpg

Schooner Parade of Sails Stacy boulevard crowd_20180902©c ryan.jpg



Fishing Schooner Columbia launch 1923 then and now

Columbia was designed by Starling Burgess. Shown here under construction at the Essex boat yard (Arthur Dana Story ship yard), launched, and sailing to Gloucester 1923. Leslie Jones photographs, from glass negatives Boston Public Library collection. It sank in 1946.

columbia at Essex boat yard

The new Columbia is participating in the Gloucester Schooner Festival 2018 – download the fantastic program here- handy information about each boat and all the special events


2018 Gloucester Schooner Festival Parade of Sails – Columbia 


Parade of Sails Schooner Columbia rebuilt 2014 returns for Schooner Festival 2018_low tide ©c ryan.jpg