Sober October Challenge

Cape Ann Wellness

15 Hot Yoga Classes. No weed. No Booze.

ZERO Yoga Experience Required.

A Grand Prize $200 Gift Certificate to

Duckworth’s Bistrot

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and other fun prizes along the way.

You’ll have the opportunity for meditation lessons, a motivational talk, connection with other new people, and a long, silent, guided walk or two during the month. You are not required to do any of that though. Just 15 classes – no drugs, no alcohol.

The depth and breadth of this experience is up to the group and our collective willingness to dive in, and based on the enthusiastic response we’ve already had – we’re in for something powerful.

You will be in the company COOL, CLEAR EYED, FUN, HEALTHY people.

Sober October.

Participation in the CHALLENGE is free – you just pay for your classes. For all of you who haven’t been to our studio yet – you’ll just buy our…

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Great Show over at the Marine Railways

What a wonderful venue for an Art Show.  The annual Phyllis A Fundraiser was held over the weekend.  Lots of fun and what a view and being inside a historic building makes it more interesting.  Thank you to the Phyllis A Marine Association for doing such a great and fun time.

Capt. Arnold’s daughter and son of Phyllis which was the boat was named.

Hanging Art


THE WRITER’S BLOCK with John J. Ronan



John J. Ronan

Season Premier October 4, 2018

1623 Studios and Gloucester resident John J. Ronan have announced the 29th season of the television series, The Writer’s Block with John J. Ronan. The award-winning production is one of the oldest, continuously-running public access shows in New England. In 2005, The Writer’s Block was awarded First Prize for an Educational Program Series by the New England Cable Television Association.

Once more, the season starts with a celebration of young writers: the student-poet winners of the spring’s Poetry Without Paper contest, sponsored by the Gloucester Lyceum! Students from elementary, middle, and high school will read and discuss their poems in front of a live audience of family and fans. The program airs Thursday, October 4, 2018, at 8:00 p.m., channel 12, and is repeated week later. All of the year’s shows present interviews with writers and artists of varied backgrounds.

John Ronan, producer and host of The Writer’s Block, is a former Gloucester Poet Laureate and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow in poetry. His most recent book, Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown, appeared in 2017. (

“1623 Studios is a dynamic force for culture on the Cape and we are proud of The Writer’s Block record,” Ronan declares. “Twenty-nine seasons is a long run in any market, at any level. And with the transition of Cape Ann TV to 1623 Studios, this season will be innovative and fresh, our best yet!”

For more information, send an S.A.S.E. to: The Writer’s Block with John J. Ronan

Box 5524, Gloucester, MA 01930

Visitors to Gloucester from Other Countries


Couple from Ireland, they came to attend a friend’s wedding


Family from Australia, young man on the left found some meteorite racks on Pavillion Beach.


Delightful couple from Germany (Deutschland)


Family from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.


This couple from Netherlands (Holland) were headed to the Cape Ann Museum 

Flat files Jane Deering Gallery: David West Gloucester Suite woodcuts $50 each or $400 for set of 9

David West is originally from Mississippi. He holds an MFA from Louisiana State University with a concentration in printmaking. He is Associate Professor of art at Gordon College, Wenham MA where he is Chair of the Art Department. West is also Co-Founder/Curator of ArtSpace 86 Gallery in Jackson MS. He has exhibited widely in the US. West is now living in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Meet the artist at the closing reception of the September art exhibition: Neither Mustard Nor teeth, photographs by Peter Morse, drawings by David West, at Jane Deering Gallery, 19 Pleasant Street, Gloucester

DAVID WEST woodcuts Gloucester MA series shown at Jane Deering Gallery Sept 2018
DAVID WEST, Gloucester Suite, woodcuts, ed.10, at Jane Deering Gallery September 2018, $50 each or $400 for set of 9

LAST CHANCE: Peter Morse and David West artist reception at Jane Deering Gallery September 29

art exhibition closing soon! Meet the artists at the closing reception Saturday, September 29 5-7pm. Neither Mustard Nor Teeth, photographs by Peter Morse, drawings by David West, Jane Deering Gallery, 19 Pleasant Street, Gloucester













Jane Deering September 2018

from the exhibition release:

“Neither Mustard nor Teeth, by artists Peter Morse and David West, is an exploration of the everyday discipline of the artist searching to find the extraordinary and the beautiful among the quotidian rhythms of ordinary life.

Morse’s photos call attention to the overlooked. They catch moments of light, pattern, form and structure that might otherwise be sensed only out of the corner of the eye. What is captured in the frame draws us nearer, asks us to pause. While grounded in the ordinary, they leave the viewer with questions about time and place and the seemingly familiar. West’s drawings feature the townscape of Gloucester as seen by a non-native. They are visual handshakes from a Southern alien coming to terms with a new place for the first time. The quiet empty spaces offer little peace; the architectures crowd each other and jostle for attention as they attempt to stay upright.

Both bodies of work are rooted in the act of stopping and looking, the life blood of the artist. Slowing down. Being present in the moment long enough to pay attention and to record. Whether the action is contained in the fraction of a shutter click, or the longer process of drawing, each is a response to the quiet call of objects and moments at hand. The phrase — neither mustard nor teeth — is from the essay, Of Power and Time, by the Massachusetts poet Mary Oliver. Oliver tells of the tensions between the necessity of living in the world with its demands of time and task and energy, all the while striving to see the inherent beauty of it all, to make sense of it through the creative process:

It is six a.m., and I am working. I am absent-minded, reckless, heedless of social obligations, etc. It is as it must be. The tire goes flat, the tooth falls out, there will be a hundred meals without mustard. The poem gets written. I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and I have no shame. Neither do I have guilt. My responsibility is not to the ordinary, or the timely. It does not include mustard, or teeth.

Peter Morse lives in Amesbury, and David West is resident here in Gloucester. Both artists are in need of going to the grocery as well as the dentist.

Peter Morse holds a BA Summa Cum Laude from Gordon College and an MFA in Photography from the University of Hartford, CT. Residencies include Berlin, Germany, New York, NY and Portland OR. He teaches at Gordon College where he is also Manager of the Barrington Center for the Arts and the Gallery. He has exhibited in the US, Germany and Cuba. Morse maintains a studio in Amesbury MA.

David West is originally from Mississippi. He holds an MFA from Louisiana State University with a concentration in printmaking. He is Associate Professor of art at Gordon College, Wenham MA where he is Chair of the Art Department. West is also Co-Founder/Curator of ArtSpace 86 Gallery in Jackson MS. He has exhibited widely in the US. West is now living in Gloucester MA