Gloucester Fire Department to Receive Federal Grants for New Ambulance and Equipment

GLOUCESTER — Chief Eric Smith is pleased to announce that the Gloucester Fire Department will be awarded two Assistance to Firefighters Grants next week.

Monday, Sept. 17, at 10 a.m.

Gloucester Fire Headquarters, 8 School St.

Gloucester Fire Department
FEMA representatives
Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken
State Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante and State Sen. Bruce Tarr
Representatives from the offices of Sens. Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Seth Moulton
Members of the public and media are invited to attend.
Representatives from FEMA will visit the Gloucester Fire Department to officially present grants of nearly $500,000 to support the purchase new equipment that will augment and upgrade the department’s ambulance fleet.

A $321,000 grant will help fund the purchase of a new ambulance, while another $145,000 will support the addition of upgraded stretcher loading systems onto three of its existing ambulances.

The auto loader will allow firefighters to automatically lift and lower stretchers into and out of the ambulances, easing the stress on first responders’ backs that results from repeatedly lifting heavy equipment. The systems also enhance patient safety by ensuring that stretchers are secured within the ambulance, reducing the potential for injury should a crash occur.

“These grants will greatly enhance our ability to serve the community and ensure efficient, safe transport for our firefighter paramedics and patients alike,” Chief Smith said. “I’m looking forward to welcoming FEMA to our city and thanking them personally for their continued support of our firefighters.”

The federal grants will cover the vast majority of the costs of the new ambulance and equipment, though the city of Gloucester is responsible for approximately $46,000 of the cost.


I had an unexpected extra afternoon off with Charlotte so we decided to check out today’s high tide and waves at Good Harbor Beach. In some areas, the tide came up all the way to the edge of the bluff. The waves weren’t high, but the undertow was super, super strong, nonetheless, folks were swimming and surfing in the surprisingly warm water. 

You can see in the above photo how high was the tide today.

Sand taste-testing


Ssshhhing nobody but me, then time for a quick catnap
See you again soon beach!

Lattof Farmhouse Kitchen

Rockport’s quaint Lattof Farm has expanded to include Lattof Farmhouse Kitchen.  I have been trying to get there for weeks to try their avocado toast, the quiche, or their sweet salad but I haven’t been able to make it yet.  My boys are dying to try their smoothies….Strawberry Banana, PB Rescue, or Seasonal Splash.

I just missed the kitchen hours the other day, but I stopped to browse their gorgeous produce and snapped photos of the Farmhouse Kitchen menu for keeping.  I am hopeful that tomorrow will be the day I can stop by on the way to work and you can bet I’ll update you on how delicious my breakfast was….and, I know it will be because I’ve heard so from many a townsfolk!

For now though, check out their farm stand and menu!

Lattof Farms is definitely a Rockport treasure and we’re so lucky to have them conveniently located on the way in and out of town on Main Street!

Check out Lattof Farm Kitchen’s Facebook Page HERE

The first 6 photos are from their Facebook page…and are the reason that I can’t wait to get back to the Farmhouse Kitchen.

The other photos I snapped in the farm stand while admiring the abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Lattof Farmhouse Kitchen is located at:

205 Main Street, Rockport

It is open Monday-Saturday, 7:00-2:00

Courtesy of Lattof Farmhouse Kitchen Facebook Page


We Must Remember

September 11 2001 is a day many of us will never forget.  It was a pivotal turning point in our shared history, much like the JFK assassination was for those of an earlier generation. But, since 17 years  have now gone by, this means students currently in high schools and even college have no memories of that day.  Perhaps that is a blessing, as the images are cruel and devastating. The tragedy and the resulting impacts changed daily life forever. We are divided by those who recall federal buildings lacking concrete barriers and airplane travel without pat-downs and those who have never known anything else.

But, we must NEVER forget the lives lost and changed on that fateful day.  Pause a moment in your busy lives to remember, pray,  or share a story.  A remembrance ceremony is scheduled for at City Hall this morning at 9 AM, followed by a gathering at the Fire Department on School Street.



Slime Making at Art Haven!

Cape Ann Community

It’s a Friday Night Art Party

Friday, September 28th, for kids grades 1-5

Come have a blast making slime with all sorts of fun color and mix-ins. After we will watch a movie. REGISTER at to reserve your child’s spot. $20 for the first child and $10 for siblings.

Slime-workshop-InstagramFor more information email

Check us out at

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