GloucesterCast 299 with Chris McCarthy, Pat Dalpiaz, Melissa Cox, Jess Biker, Edgar Foudray, Pattie Amaral, Adam Curcuru, Pauline Breshnahan, Paul BoudreauCatherine Ryan and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/30/18


GloucesterCast 299 with Chris McCarthy, Pat Dalpiaz, Melissa Cox, Jess Biker, Edgar Foudray, Pattie Amaral, Adam Curcuru, Pauline Breshnahan, Paul Boudreau, Catherine Ryan and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/30/18


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Timestamped Topics: Topics Include:

00:15 300th Podcast Next Week At The Crows Nest Come Join Us And be Part Of The Fun 11:30AM Saturday Come be Part of The Studio Audience!

02:40 Saltmarsh Farm Pig Share

27:30 Happy To Report Our New Headquarters On Is Nearly Finished On Main Street GMGI- Good Morning Gloucester Institute

28:50 Pat Dalpiaz One Year Blogversary

29:14  There’s More To Sea Art Show Next Weekend At The Paint Factory October 5th, 6th and 7th

37:48 Veterans center 12 Emerson Ave

35:20 Light Up Mattos

44:32 Women To Women Donation Drive Info Here Do women today realize the high waisted jeans they are wearing are “Mom Jeans”?

53:40 Extreme Truck and Auto Is The Best Happy Birthday Sean Nolan

55:20 Gran Prix of Gloucester- Paul Boudreau October 13 and 14th

01:09:26 How Old Would You Let Your Responsible Teenage Daughter Go To Topsfield Fair With her Friends and Curfew?

01:11:10Charlene McCarthy is a Huge Fan Of The City Website Responsiveness- See Click Fix Download The App Here


Thoughts are with our Marty Luster who sustained injuries while doing a stupid human trick

Shout Out To Cape Ann Community Cinema

Zekes Maria’s Pizza Fundraiser



Gloucester Girls ages 13 -15

Just wanted you to know and see our very own  all girls team  from the Gloucester Nor Easters Flag Football  played an exhibition game during half time of the Patriots   game against  the Eagles this past August 16.  We brought along their families to watch  their girls play in  front of 35 thousand  fans.  What an expierence I have included a team photo  taken  right after the game – to the left is Hall  of Famer Andre Tippett



The roster of the girls included
Kennedy Rounds, Devin Litchenwald , Gabby Olsen, Emily Shea , Eliza Powers, Kalya Calomo, Olivia Marino  ,  Georgia Graves
Coaches : Joe Calomo, Glen McEachern, Rob Brigham , Mark Olsen

Drive Around Town

After I’ve been away, I always take a ride around town to see what may have changed since I’ve been gone.  Some of my check in spots include:

Stage Fort Park—check.


The Pier–check. Gulls included.


Capt Joe’s—check


Back Shore—check


Final checkpoint: Good Harbor Beach. You never know when you might actually spy something new going on!


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