The End of An Era- The Winch Our Grandfather, Fathers and My Cousin I Have Used For Decades Has Been Retired

Some remembrances and photo of the old and new.  Thanks to Frank and Marty at Rose’s Marine, Corrado at B & N Fishing Gear and Billy Trafton who installs these on the regular around the waterfront


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I’m not gonna lie Mr Winch.  I’m not going to miss you when I finally get some vacation time.


Bobby Ryan Writes-

I’m not usually a romantic, nor do I usually attribute feelings to inorganic items, but…
Could it have been Capt. Joe who actually bolted that unit down? That stand had to be built. Look at it. The paint color was known as “Battleship Grey”. Everything wooden on the waterfront was “Battleship Grey”. If you owned a boat somethings were orange or green. Extra paint left from painting the mast and hull. Everything iron had a coat of Red Lead under the grey. There must be 30 coats on this winch. Usually painted on during Fiesta week when the fleet was tied up. How about that “___ head”? Is that brass? How shiny it was when new? Can you imagine how proud the “Skipper” was when he first brought up those bags of whiting knowing he made a move to be “on shore” in order to better feed and care for his family? This time of year I remember one of the last things Slug would have me do before closing up for Christmas Eve was to go over to Capt. Joe’s. I would come back with plates of food. Some cooked, some not. At the time, when it was more personal and not so en vogue, I did not fully understand about the 7 fishes, but they were delicious.
Joey, you do not need to post this, I just wanted to let you know what I see in that old winch and to let you know there are others having thoughts of your family.
Buon Natale!


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#beautifulindustry The winch @CaptJoeLobster #GloucesterMA

If you only knew how much fish and #lobster this piece of equipment has offloaded in the past fifty years…



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And The New-

Gloucester Gig Rower’s 10th annual Harbor Race: Saturday Sept. 29, Niles Beach

Gloucester Gig Rowers are holding their 10th annual Harbor Race on Saturday, September 29, at Niles Beach in Gloucester.
Pilot gigs, whaleboats, dories, and other traditional rowing craft will compete over a 3+ mile triangular course in Gloucester Harbor.
8am registration at Niles Beach
9am captain/cox meeting
9:30am race start
Registration: $35/person
Full information: https://www.glouc



The salps were filmed several years ago and we have been wondering, has anyone seen salps yet this year? I’ve been checking but have yet to see. Please email ( and let us know if you do, and where they were spotted. Thank you!

From several years ago: The salps were filmed in Gloucester’s inner harbor and had a luminous appearance in the blue lights of the fishing boat Hot Tuna, the largest boat in the Wicked Tuna fleet. I think the song “La Luna” by Lucy Schwartz adds to the magical movement of the salps and other creatures in the glowing blue (so sorry to Captain Ott for startling him while hanging over the edge of the dock to film the salps at the rear of his boat.)

Sea salps are warm ocean water creatures, exploding in population during algae blooms. With beating heart, notochcord, and gills they are more closely evolutionarily linked to humans than to jellyfish. Sea salps are individual creatures that through asexual reproduction, can form linear chains up to fifteen feet long!

Salps are planktonic (free floating) members of the subphylum Tunicata. Tunicates get their name from the unique outer covering or “tunic,” which acts as an exoskeleton. The sea salp’s tunic is translucent and gelatinous; in some species it is tough and thick.

Harbormaster Building Committee public listening meeting on Wednesday

reminder from Jill Cahill, Gloucester’s Community Development Director:

Harbormaster Building Committee public listening session will be held on

Wednesday, 9/19 at 5pm in Kyrouz Auditorium, City Hall

Harbormaster Building

Here is the link to the Harbormaster Building Committee Public Listening Session meeting posting –

And here is the link to the 2017 Harbormaster and Visiting Boater Center feasibility study that helped set the stage for this project –

Harbormaster and Visiting Boater Center feasibility study Oct 2017.jpg



Help Us Rebuild Magnolia Pier Auction

Below please find some of the items that will be part of the auction.


OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! All are welcome, whether you are a MB&T member or not!
LIVE Auction
ART Sales
Cash Bar
Light Hors d’Oeuvres
Live Music
Parking available at BOTH the MB&T AND the Magnolia Beach Corporation lots
This will be THE Social event of the YEAR! Manchester, Magnolia and Gloucester, coming together as ONE to SAVE OUR PIER

September 21, 2018

Manchester Bath and Tennis Club
27 Raymond Street
Manchester, MA  01944


Pet of the Week- Marcellina

Hi, my name is Marcelina. The folks here are guessing I am a Siamese Mix about two years old. I am ready for a fresh start in life and to learn all the ups of indoor living.
Marcellina 1.png
I don’t ask for much in my new home. I would love a family who wouldn’t mind giving me a little time to settle in and explore. I am a fan of cozy beds,sunny windows and tasty treats. I am more on the mellow side and would prefer a low key, quiet home.
Marcellina 2.png
I am excited for my next adventure and hope to meet you soon! Stop by and visit me today to see if I would be a good fit for your family!
To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

A Few Fish Box Derby Memories

GMG Jimmy re-lived a part of his youth Sunday afternoon at the Fish Box Derby.  He just had to take some shots and I thought you might enjoy them.  The Children did a great job and were surrounded by lots of support from family and community.  We saw our friends Donna Ardizonni and Dave Fernandes there also taking pictures and I look forward to seeing those as well.