Who knew?

Who knew?

Replica schooner COLUMBIA off Beauport Hotel 9/2/2018


[photo by Phyllis Bezanson]

In 1927 the original schooner COLUMBIA was lost with all 22 hands near Sable Island. COLUMBIA had been launched in 1923 in Essex and was on a salt cod trip, likely for Gorton’s, for her previous trip was taken out there. Gorton’s was canning fish cakes – ‘Ready to Fry’, they were called, and there was great demand for such a convenience food. When I went to work for Gorton’s in 1964 ‘Ready to Fry’ was still popular but fish sticks were gaining fast in popularity.

There is a movie at the Cape Ann Museum showing the smiling crew of COLUMBIA as she departs on her fatal trip to the banks.

Also in 1927, at the site of this new hotel, Clarence Birdseye, who came to Gloucester the year COLUMBIA was launched, patented a process for rapid ‘indirect freezing’ of fish. His patents led to the birth of the frozen food industry and to the creation of fish sticks. His company, then General Seafoods, was purchased by Marjorie Merriweather Post, aided by E F Hutton and Goldman Sachs, becoming General Foods. The Birdseye brand today is known worldwide.

Birdseye’s plant stood here until just a few years ago when it was replaced by Beauport. The plant had a distinctive tower that housed an elevator to carry salt cod to the roof for drying in the sun.

Al Bezanson

Jazz Dinner with Agca-Warsi Duo | Feather & Wedge | Thursday, September 20


Feather & Wedge’s weekly jazz evening will feature the music of the Agca-Warsi duo this Thursday. These graduates of the Berklee College of Music will be playing jazz standards, Latin and Brazilian music, contemporary blues and R&B.

Thursday, September 20, 2018
7:30 PM 10:00 PM

Reservations highly suggested! 978.999.5917


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Essex National Heritage Trails & Sails 2018 starts this weekend!

FREE Trails & Sails events throughout Gloucester, Cape Ann and all of Essex County during two upcoming weekends September 21-23 & 28-30, 2018!

dsc_0167.jpg3rd Annual Phyllis A Marine Association Art Show and Sale  Hosted by Phyllis A Marine Association
Climb Up City Hall Tower, Hosted by Gloucester City Hall Restoration Commission


Historic Ice House Guided Tours Hosted by Cape Pond Ice Company

rafe.jpgOcean Views Walk from Ravenswood to Rafe’s Chasm Hosted by Cape Ann Trail Stewards


Sustainable Foraging: Wild Food and Medicine by the Sea Hosted by Gloucester’s Magnolia Library & Community Center & Iris Weaver


IPSWICH Come Paint with Me Decorative Painting Demonstration, Hosted by Johanne Cassia, American Folk Artist, AnnTiques’ owner. Co-founder of the Woman Owned Businesses Along the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway trail map celebrating street level, local women retailers from Gloucester, Essex, Ipswich and Rowley who share a regional ‘Main Street’ – Route 133/1A, part of the gorgeous 90 mile Essex Coastal Scenic Byway

10_1930293_zm.jpgANDOVER: Addison Gallery of American Art Gallery Talk: Paul Manship and His Artistic Legacy  Manship Artists Residency + Studios (MARS) President Rebecca Reynolds and Addison Gallery Associate Director and Robert M. Walker Curator of Art before 1950, Emerita Susan Faxon will discuss the significant work of Paul Manship, his influential presence in Gloucester, and his connection to the Addison.

Essex National Heritage Trails and Sails 2018

Quentin Callewaert Tonight! Wednesdays with Fly Amero @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 9.19.2018

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, September 19 – 7pm
My Musical Guest: KID CALLEWAERT!

Quentin Callewaert carries his big ball of energy with him

wherever he goes.  We at the Rhumb Line just happen to be

in his path this Wednesday.  How lucky are we?  The kid is just amazing!  Come watch him light the place on fire!  We start at 7. ~ Fly

Dinner with great music!

*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan Forsythe!  Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
Upcoming guests…

9/26 – Ron Schrank

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

One Hundred Years Gone By

Flu headline Sept 14 1918


The dark and rainy morning has put me in a reflective mood.  Given the historic damage done by Hurricane Florence and the uncertainty following the gas disaster in Andover and Lawrence, my mind turns to other monumental disasters.  One hundred years ago the Flu Pandemic reached into Gloucester and the surrounding areas.  Each day in late September and through mid October, the newspaper reported on the growing number of flu deaths.  While I do not know the final numbers, the highest number I saw reported was 180 people within about month as of October 14 1918. It must have been very frightening for all but it seems the city handled the pandemic admirably.

This is an example from the Gloucester Daily Times Sept 17 1918 of the precautions taken.  The microfilm quality isn’t great, but it gets the idea across.

Mayor proclamation Flu GDT Sept 17 1918

As we see from Florence and in Andover/Lawrence, disasters tend to bring out the best in people and I imagine this did the same at the time.  Disasters past and present remind us to be kind, take good care and stay vigilant.


Cove Hill (Lane’s Cove) Cemetery Clean-up Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 10am

Cape Ann Community

Cove Hill (Lane’s Cove) Cemetery Clean-up

Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 10am 

1052R Washington St, Gloucester, MA (red icon on map)

All Hands Needed!

Map of 1052R Washington St, Gloucester, MA 01930Please bring work/gardening gloves, bug spray, and wear long pants and if you can, any of the following yard tools:

a rake, a gas or battery-operated weed whacker, loppers, or

weeding buckets, large black heavy-duty plastic bags for leaves and weeds, or

old tarps for collecting and moving debris to a central location, or

lawn mower , or wheel barrow

Questions? Contact ckellyca@gmail.com

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