Cape Ann Animal Aid News 4/11/18

Puppy Party!



Need a little cheering up? Looking for something to do with the kids during April vacation? Love puppies but can’t have one right now?

WELL THIS IS THE EVENT FOR YOU! Sign up for a time slot to play, snuggle, and visit with shelter puppies!

One ticket per person is required for entry. Space is limited for each 1/2 hour time slot. Kids must be at least 8 years old and accompanied by an adult. Get your tickets today with a donation to Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Veterinary Care Fund, providing routine and special veterinary care for homeless animals prior to adoption!


*Fundraiser for Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Gloucester Pride Stride Team ‘Paws for the Cause’*

Pier 23 Fundraiser for CAAA



Join Cape Ann Animal Aid at Pier 23 Kitchen on Thursday, April 19, 2018 between 9am and 8pm (dine in or take out). Enjoy a delicious meal for a great cause! The restaurant will be generously donating 15% of sales to help dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens in need! Funds raised will benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Veterinary Care Fund through the CAAA Gloucester Pride Stride team.

Reservations are strongly, strongly encouraged! Call 978-515-7932 to make your reservation in advance and be sure to mention that you are calling because of the CAAA fundraiser

Invite your friends! Share the event! Let’s pack the house in honor of the animals! ♥ Thank you!

P.S. Depending on the weather, you may even see some shelter pups outside the restaurant — they will be eager to say thanks in person for your support!

Barre Class Fundraiser



Join us to celebrate animal rescue and raise funds for shelter animal vet care! Whether you are new to barre or have done a barre class before — we promise this will be a great time! Reserve your spot by registering online. Payment will be due the day of class ($15 – cash only).

The Energy Barre
The Cummings Center
100 Building, Suite B20-D
181 Elliott St. Beverly, MA 01915

April Vacation Kids Yoga Workshop

Cape Ann Wellness


Looking for fun activities while the kids are home next week? Look no further…Treetop Yoga Studio will offer an April Vacation Kid’s Yoga Workshop on Monday, April 16, 2:00-5:00.

Kids Ages 5-10, join Megan for an afternoon of movement, music, yoga games, and a craft. Bring a drink and healthy snack. Investment:$35 pre-register, $40 the day of. Register HERE
Parents – if you are looking to move as well, you can drop in to the Vinyasa Flow Hour, 4:00-5:00, while your kids finish up the workshop. We offer a New Student Special of $49 for an unlimited month of yoga for anyone who has never been to the studio or taken a class in a year.
Kid's YogaApril Vacation Workshop.jpg

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Please join us on Thursday evening at Salem State University for Earth Days Week celebrations and awards ceremony. I am giving the keynote address.

This event is entirely free and open to the public. I hope to see you there!

I have been pouring through photos from this year’s past late great Monarch migration to create the new “Beauty on the Wing” program that I am giving Thursday evening at Salem State.

My favorite thing to do photographing butterflies is to capture them mid-flight.  Working on landscape design projects and film projects back to back I only had time to upload and didn’t have a chance to look through the film footage and photos daily. I discovered a bunch of photos that are worthy of adding to the presentation–a photographer’s idea of finding buried treasure–and these are two of my favorites.


Cape Ann has a wealth of restaurants from which to choose, and we love our favorites passionately. Occasionally though we enjoy trying new places off Cape. One of my husbands’s oldest and nicest friends, Bob Vallis, has opened a fabulous pub in downtown Ipswich. Located at the former Zabaglione address, The Brown Dog serves the best of wonderfully fresh and hearty American cuisine/comfort food within a casually inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Gloucester residents may recall that Bob formerly owned the Blackburn Tavern. Chef Doug Papaws, also from Gloucester, is working his magic in the kitchen. I had without a doubt the best fried oysters I have ever had in my life. They tasted on the inside as sweetly plump and succulent as freshly shucked oysters, but with a light touch of deeply golden fried crusty deliciousness on the outside. Tom tried the chili and baked chicken, also both stellar, and the key lime pie was the perfect touch of creamy citrusy fresh sweetness. We loved our waitress–I think her name is Eleanor, and her mom, also known as the local librarian, helps out on weekends with hostessing.

Thanks to Bob and Doug and our lovely waitress for a great night out!

Cell phone photos don’t do the fabulous fare justice–so just go and check it out for your self!

The Brown Dog is located at 14 Central Street in Ipswich. Phone 978-312-6362 and visit The Brown Dog website here.


Beautiful Fish: Striped Bass -By Al Bezanson

Striped Bass, Striper, Rockfish, Rock, Linesides

The bass grows to a great size, the heaviest of which we have found definite record being several of about 125 pounds that were taken at Edenton, N. C., in April 1891.  Stripers are powerful fish; so strong in fact, that they appear to have no difficulty in handling themselves in the surf, where one is sometimes seen actually in the translucent crest of a comber just before the latter breaks.  The bass is very voracious, feeding on smaller fishes of whatever kind may be available, and on a wide variety of invertebrates. Lists of its stomach contents for one locality or another include alewife, anchovy, croakers, channel bass, eels, flounders, herring, menhaden, mummichogs, mullet, rock eels (Pholis gunnellus), launce, sculpins, shad, silver hake, silversides, smelt, tomcod, weakfish, white perch, lobsters, crabs of various kinds, shrimps, isopods, gammarid crustaceans, various worms, squid, soft clams (Myra) and small mussels. In our Gulf the larger bass prey chiefly on herring, smelt, sand launce, eels, and silver hake, on squid (on which they gorge when they have the opportunity), on crabs large and small, on lobsters, and on sea worms.  When bass are gorging on any one particular prey it is common knowledge among fishermen that they are likely to ignore food of other sorts for the time being. It seems also that when prey is plentiful, bass are likely to gorge, then cease feeding to digest, then to gorge again; also that all the members of a given school are likely to do this in unison, with consequent annoyance to the angler.


From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI


Al Bezanson


Upcycling Make andTake for Kids


Spring is in full swing, even if the weather disagrees. We’ve got 3 great events coming up next week, so mark your calendars…
First up, bring the kids to Sawyer Free Library on Thursday, April 19th from 10-11am to learn how to make a reusable bag from a t-shirt! All materials will be provided, so please RSVP here:

Congratulations, Champions

To my boy and his boys…..Congratulations.  Be proud.  You left it all on the ice.

After 8 months of play the hockey season has come to an end and this phenomenal team came out on top.  Even after being moved up from Squirt AAA in the Valley League to the Elite Division, they managed to remain in first place through to the end of the season.  During three weekends of playoff hockey, they won the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and ultimately the Championship game, against Concord, at the Haverhill Valley Forum. 

Squirt 1 wrapped up the season with a super impressive 32-4-3 league record and are now the Valley Elite National Champions. 

After #81 strolled into the locker room one day and cheered, “LET’S GO BOYS,”  the 2018 CAYH Squirt 1’s team motto was adopted….and they did just that time and time again until the final buzzer of the final game!

Those are the stats and the facts.  More important to me, as a mother, are the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the memories created.  These boys are together two hours at a time at least four days per week.  That doesn’t take into account tournament weekends away, team lunches/dinners, spontaneous sleepovers, birthday parties, BBQs, and hours clocked on facetime when not actually in the same car, room, or rink.  They have each other’s backs, they lift each other up, they motivate each other, they applaud each other, they are each other’s biggest fans…and occasionally critics…and that’s ok too.  Both of my boys have learned that the relationship amongst teammates is something to treasure.  I love that they have that….I love that they appreciate it…..I love that they recognize it as a luxury not to be squandered.

These boys text each other often….and most certainly after the final game of the year.  A game, worth noting, that marks the end of…in many cases….a five-year run of skating together (maybe even 6!).  Another mom stumbled across their text chain on Sunday.  In it Thatcher wrote, “I can’t believe this was the last time that we’ll all skate together, but we’ll be brothers forever.”  He gets it.  Team.

I have no words to properly describe the absolutely devastating Humboldt Broncos Hockey team tragedy that occurred this past weekend.  Weighing on our minds and certainly our hearts while watching our boys huddle up on the ice were those families, friends, coaches, teammates….and everyone who touched their lives.  A team is a very important dynamic.  Dare I say that a hockey team is a thing unto itself….another level of friendship and camaraderie….often times precious beyond words.  My heart is broken for them as much as it swells for my boys.

We owe a giant THANK YOU to Cape Ann Youth Hockey for the volunteerism that takes places amongst coaches, staff, parents, directors, and more.  Thank you for nurturing this family of skaters, thank you for the hours, the guidance, the encouragement, and the commitment that you all make.

Thank you in particular to the coaches of CAYH’s Squirt 1.  You’ve given these boys something that no one else could.  Frank, Jamie, Scott, Fred, Brian, and often Todd, THANK YOU.