GloucesterCast 274 With Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/16/18


GloucesterCast 274 With Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/16/18



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Topics Include:

Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Patriots Day- 5 Year Anniversary Of The Marathon Bombings- Boston Strong

Recap Of Kim’s Friend Of The Earth Award and Keynote Speech At Salem State’s Earth Day Week

Bruins/Celtics/Red Sox

Hiding Gloves
Happy Birthday Ma Sunday Brunch At Feather and Wedge

Kim Reviews Doug Pappows Brown Dog In Ipswich

Naples with the Rabbit

Rough and Rowdy PPV

All Kinds Of Schedules and Programs To Get You In Shape Locally –

Pigeon Cove Tavern is Hiring!

We’re Opening The Lobster Pool In A Couple Week’s! Come Join Our Team

Pier 23 Kitchen is looking to add cooks, dishwashers, servers and food runners to its team

Oyster Night Is Back At Topside Grill

Good Morning Gloucester Dollar Oyster Week!!!!!!

Cedar Rock Gardens Opens Thursday

Good Harbor Beach Restoration Update From Phil Curcuru

David Robinson, Owner Of Windemere Art and Antiques in Rockport Entered The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Saturday Night

The Plovers Are Back- Piping Plover Monitor Volunteer Opportunities Contact Ken Whittaker At

Earth Day Clean Up Saturday April 21st at 9AM For More Info Click Here

Shoutout To Bex


The Thomas E Lannon Is Sailing To Philly For The Tall Ships!


This beautiful lady in the pick-your-own peony patch.

Cedar Rock Gardens, the fabulous organic and homegrown nursery owned by Elise Jilson and Tucker Smith, is opening on Thursday April 19th. They will be open everyday. See below for hours of operation and the complete selection of flower, vegetable, and herb seedlings that will be available to purchase this spring. Cedar Rock Gardens is located at 290 Concord Street in West Gloucester, just minutes off of Route 133.

A small sampling of just some of the flowers and veggies you will find at Cedar Rock Gardens, and a reminder that spring truly will be here soon.

For more information, check out Cedar Rock Garden website here.




Thank you to Phil Cucuru for the Good Harbor Beach information and news of restoration plans to begin soon, after the public school’s April vacation. During the week when the school children are off premises, the DPW turns its attention to the school buildings and grounds. As soon as vacation is over the DPW will be resume work at Good Harbor Beach and all the Gloucester Beaches.

We lost about three to four feet –in depth– from Good Harbor Beach (Wingaersheek, as well). As you can see in the above photo, Phil is pointing to where the sand came up to the #3 sign prior to the March storms. This is why the tide is coming in so high and so close to the bluffs, and why the big rock has become even more exposed.

Up until the March storms, the metal fence posts were nearly completely buried beneath sand that had built up, with only about 3 inches protruding above the sand. Now they are completely exposed, with a sheer bluff, rather than a gently sloping dune.

Plans have been in place since last year to restore the dune fencing this coming summer! I was so happy to hear this update about the dunes from Phil because the fencing helps to create areas of vegetation on the beach, at the base of the bluffs, and fencing helps to keep people and pets out of the dunes and from trampling the fragile habitat, especially the wildflowers and beach grass so necessary for a strong, healthy, and vital dune ecosystem.

All three boardwalk accesses to the beach were severely damaged. Believe it or not, the storm surge was so strong, it broke away huge sections of the boardwalks, and pushed them twenty and thirty feet back into the dunes. Boardwalk number two is nearly destroyed, which is especially frustrating because the DPW completely redid boardwalk #2, and made wider for handicap accessibility, last spring. The surging ocean water poured all kinds of debris into the dunes as well, and widened the walkways onto the beach. Phil said that in twenty years of working for the DPW he has never seen the likes of the March nor’easters and, with that, such extensive damage to Gloucester beaches.

Phil measuring for repairs.

Good Harbor Beach footbridge torn from its footings and in the marsh.

The day before the first nor’easter Phil and fellow crew members added steel braces to help shore up the bridge but unfortunately, nothing was safe from the power of the late winter storms. Plans too are being developed to repair the footbridge, with the goal of full restoration by Memorial Day weekend.

Thanks again to Phil Cucuru for the updates, so glad to hear the good news!



Poetry without Paper deadline reminder from Christy Russo Sawyer Free Library, John Ronan, O’Maley School, & Mayor Romeo Theken

Two weeks to go. Kids- send in your poems: Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Libraray childrens services Poetry Without Paper 2018 is underway


Now in its 16th year (!) Sawyer Free’s annual poetry contest for all students who go to Gloucester schools or live in Gloucester is LIVE. Participants can submit up to 3 poems through April 30, 2018. Some of the previous winning poems are published on the library web site. 2015  2016 2017

Former Gloucester Poet Laureate, host of The Writers Block, and co-founder with Christy Russo of the dynamite Poetry without Paper contest, John Ronan, included this reminder plug along with his January column and poem in the Gloucester Daily Times: Continue reading “Poetry without Paper deadline reminder from Christy Russo Sawyer Free Library, John Ronan, O’Maley School, & Mayor Romeo Theken”

Beautiful Fish: Pipe Fish

Usually 4 to 8 inches long; occasionally up to 12 inches.  The chief home of this pipefish is among eelgrass or seaweeds, both in salt marshes, harbors, and river mouths, where it often goes up into brackish water, and on more open shores as well. In such locations it is caught as often today by boys dipping up mummichogs for bait as it was when Storer wrote of it, nearly a century ago.  Male pipefishes nurse the eggs in the brood pouch.  The embryos within the eggs are nourished by the epithelial lining layer of the pouch, so that the latter functions as a placenta.  The young are retained in the brood pouch until they are 8 or 9 mm. long, when the yolk sac has been absorbed.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI


But You Promised

So this is the year that Finn hit 54″…..which just happens to be the magic number when wanting to ride the biggest of the rollercoasters in the Orlando parks.  So, with that milestone under his belt he asked me to promise to ride all of the rollercoasters with him.  I don’t actually mind rollercoasters….but I am frantic about my boys riding rollercoasters when they’re like a hair over the minimum height requirement.

So, imagine my anxiety when we walked into SeaWorld to see that the Manta Flying Roller Coaster had just malfunctioned and the riders were being forced to disembark…ummm… at the top of a hill….and walk down to safety.  In retrospect, I actually would have liked to see how they got out of those harnesses.

What in the world?!

Finn wasn’t letting up, however, and the fearless little bugger still made me stick to my promise….and a couple of hours later I found myself strapped in, face down, in the front row of the Manta Coaster.  Sigh.