GloucesterCast 278 With Heidi Dallin, John Hillner, and Wendy Waring, Kimberly Voltero, Pat Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/27/18


GloucesterCast 278 With Heidi Dallin, John Hillner, and Wendy Waring, Kimberly Voltero, Pat Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/27/18


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Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

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Plug In Cape Ann Tours With Kimberley Voltero

Plovers In The Parking Lot Does not Bode Well. No Bueno.

Madame Defarge  Opens May 11th At Gloucester Stage John Hillner, and Wendy Waring To Purchase Tickets

The Studio Half Off Is Happening!

Coffee Cup Plug From Cape Ann Coffees

Gloucester Pride Stride This Sunday!

Paul StGermain Becoming A Member Of The Thacher Island Assoc, Book:  Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations On Cape Ann





Check Out This Article About The Wine Trap


If there are two things that I love dearly in this world, it is lobster and wine. And when both are elegantly intertwined (Quite literally), art is born. Enza Iacono of Gloucester, MA  found a way to achieve this sustainable brilliance, and her creations are both aesthetically pleasing as well as fun and functional.

Lobster Trap Gifts was born in 2016, and originally began as a hobby. The only daughter, and youngest of of six children, Enza grew up in a commercial fishing family, dating back to the 1900’s. She has fond memories of awaiting dockside, the return of all five brothers as well as her father, from their various voyages at sea. And although Enza never became a fisherwoman herself, she has found another way to exercise her own unique hand at the trade – Her own expression of a sincere love and passion for the ocean.

And we have whiskey to thank for the ingenuity behind Lobster Trap Gifts, an idea that began from Enza’s husband’s desire for a shelf to display his collection. The shelf was constructed from lobster trap wire, supporting the whiskey and complete with door and closure – True to a genuine lobster trap.

Read entire article here

For wholesale inquiries:

Enza Iacono
P.O. box 207
Gloucester, MA 01930


No one paid attention to our signs that we added to the nesting area yesterday. My friend Deborah Cramer stopped by to see the PiPl and watched half a dozen dogs running through and playing in the nesting area. When I returned to the beach at 6:30, the PiPl were in the parking lot, again driven out of the nesting area by off leash dogs. Very frightening when an SUV drove past and they didn’t budge.

While the PiPL were in the parking lot, I thought would be good time to reinforce the signs with duct tape. When at the nesting area adjusting signs, there were more dogs owners allowing dogs to run through and completely ignoring the signs.

Reading the federal regulations from the USFWS:

“Pets should be leashed and under control of their owners at all times from April 1 to August 31 on beaches where piping plovers are present or have traditionally nested. Pets should be prohibited on these beaches from April 1 through August 31 if, based on observations and experience, pet owners fail to keep pets leashed and under control.”

All the signs in the world won’t make people who don’t care, care.

Tomorrow, especially at high tide, and as the skies are clearing, I am afraid will be another terrible situation for the PiPl. If you would like to lend a hand, please email me at or just come. I will be there for the better part of the day and will show you what to do. High tide tomorrow is at 10:54 am. Thank you!


Congratulations to Iain Kerr and Ocean Alliance!

Iain writes,

“On Monday April 30th 10:00 pm East Coast time our 2017 Sea of Cortez, Parley SnotBot field season will be featured in the National Geographic channel show. One Strange Rock.

I think that our presence in this show will be brief.

Yesterday we learnt that our Intel / Parley SnotBot production Below the Surface won a webby (this is like an Emmy but for web produced products).

 Onwards Upwards.


Lyricora Returns to the Annisquam Village Church

Lyricora returns to the Annisquam Village Church

Let My Love Be Heard

May 6, 4:00 pm
Annisquam Village Church
820 Washington St., Gloucester MA 01930

Lyricora presents its Spring 2018 concert series, Let My Love Be Heard, on Friday, May 4, 7:30 pm in Newburyport, MA; Saturday, May 5, 4:00 pm in Chatham, MA; andSunday, May 6, 4:00 pm at the Annisquam Village Church, Gloucester, MA.

Tickets are $18 for adults and $10 for students.
Tickets available at the door, and in advance through:

For additional venue details, visit Lyricora’s website at

Lyricora explores the many facets of love across the ages, from the lively madrigals of the Renaissance to the lush and ethereal harmonies of the 21stCentury. This concert will feature selections by Lauridsen, Paulus, Runestad, Morley, and others. We hope you’ll join us to help celebrate the season of love!

Lyricora is a Boston area ensemble dedicated to engaging, educating and entertaining audiences through performances of the highest caliber. The ensemble strives to integrate New England’s rich historical tradition of choral music with new directions in contemporary literature. In concert, Lyricora is dedicated to bridging the gap between listener and performer – presenting programs that are accessible to today’s audiences while maintaining artistic expression and performance.

Beautiful Fish: Snipe Eel

The Snipe Eel has been taken in deep water at many stations off the east coast of North America between latitudes 31° and 42°N., longitudes 65° and 75°W.  Capture near Bermuda of a snipe eel clinging by its jaws to the tail of a large red snapper has suggested that such may be a regular habit of this curious species.  Maximum length about 3 feet.

One specimen taken from the stomach of a codfish caught on Georges Bank in 45 fathoms is the only Gulf of Maine record, but several have been taken in depths of from 300 to 2,000 fathoms on the seaward slope of the bank.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI

Al Bezanson


Another email from NOAA

Just received another email from NOAA.  Very exciting

Thank you so much Donna, we really appreciate it!  We directed an aerial survey over that location today based on your report and we found seven right whales in that vicinity, all of which we were able to photo document for research purposes.


Thanks again!


Received an email from NOAA regarding the Right Whale off of Magnolia

Yesterday I received a survey email from NOAA asking about the whale that I saw off of Shore Road and Rafe’s Chasm.  They saw the information of Good Morning Gloucester.  Sent NOAA the grainy photos, wish they were better but with the rain and wind it was not easy to get a decent photo.  Also sent them the times of the sightings.  Today I received the email below.  We are lucky to have Ocean Alliance right here in Gloucester and Iain Kerr came over.

Mariners are urged to use caution and proceed at safe speeds in areas used by right whales. Federal law prohibits operating vessels 65 feet or greater in excess of 10 knots in certain areas and times along the US east coast. Approaching right whales closer than 500 yards is a violation of federal and state law.




Right Whale Sighting Advisory System
NOAA Fisheries






Charles Neville’s generous spirit, wisdom, music & smile will be deeply missed

Our friend Charles Neville is gone. He was a generous spirit who shared his soul and his tremendous wisdom with everyone he knew. Vickie and I were blessed to know him for just over 10 years, and in that short time we felt the warmth of his heart, the power of his music and the brilliance of his infectious smile transform every audience who had the great pleasure of being in the house while he was on stage. We are deeply grateful to Henri Smith for bringing Charles to Gloucester and Beverly and introducing him to us. Here’s a taste of what it was like to be in his presence — filmed at Celebrate Gloucester in 2010 and at the Larcom in Beverly in 2013.

Cape Ann License Plate at Pride Stride

The Cape Ann License Plate will be a Stage Fort Park for Pride Stride giving you an opportunity to show your love for Cape Ann in two ways. Order a plate and you get $15 from Cape Ann Community Foundation for the Non-profit of your choice. So come out and walk and drive for the Love of Cape Ann.

Cape Ann.

Jazz Brunch Featuring Harry Wagg at Feather & Wedge – April 29, 10:30 to 2:30


Feather & Wedge invites you to join them Sunday, April 29, 10:30 to 2:30 for a Jazz Brunch featuring jazz guitarist Harry Wagg  Harry will be performing a variety of traditional jazz, contemporary classics and original tunes, all arranged for solo guitar. Reservations suggested! 978.999.5917

Harry Wagg Jazz Brunch Feather & Wedge Rockport MA

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18th Empty Bowl Dinner May 3!

Cape Ann Community

The meal is simple– soup, bread and a cookie. Choose a beautiful bowl made with care by a local artist, and take it home as an unspoken reminder that somewhere in our community someone’s bowl is empty.

The Open Door’s 18th annual Empty Bowl Dinner will be held on Thursday, May 3, from 4 to 8 p.m. at Cruiseport Gloucester.  Extra parking is available at Good Harbor Beach with free trolley service provided by CATA to and from the event site. Tickets are $20 ($15 for children under 10) and available at the door. Cash, check or charge.

“The Open Door provides household stabilization with good food,” said Julie LaFontaine, executive director. “The Empty Bowl Dinner helps raise awareness of hunger in our community and supports our Summer Meals and Mobile Market programs with locations in Gloucester, Rockport and Ipswich.”

More than 1,000 bowls have been created for the event by community members young and old.  Silent Auction bowls…

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