ThinOptics- Reading Glasses With Holder that Attaches To Your Cell phone- Game Changer.


ThinOptics Reading Glasses + Black Universal Pod Case | Classic Collection, Black Frames

Jeff Amero had these at Tonno, Chris has them, Mike has them, total game changer.  They are so thin the holder attaches to the back of your cell phone or cell phone case and the small unobtrusive readers can be pulled out for those few times you need them, for instance – reading a menu in a restaurant.  Perfect.


It’s a little too cold and a little too early in the season for the Alewife to run, yet despite today’s 44 degree temperature, Gloucester’s new shellfish warden Tammy Cominelli shares that nine were counted from the Little River’s brand new counting station on Saturday!

Today marked the official opening of the station with Mayor Sefatia and members of SumCo eco contractors, NOAA, and the Mass Division of Marine Fisheries in attendance.

Tammy Cominelli (Gloucester Shellfish Warden), John Catena (NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center), Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, Anna Macan (NOAA Fisheries Communications), Jen Goebel (NOAA Fisheries Communcations), Max Schenk (City of Gloucester Health Department), Michael Pentony (NOAA Fisheries – Greater Atlantic Regional Administrator), and Travis Sumner (SumCo co-founder).

* Unfortunately, I did not get everyone’s name. Please let me know if you know the names of the gentleman in the far back row and the gentleman to the far right. Thank you!

Tammy Cominelli, Gloucester’s new Shellfish Warden, checking the water temperature.

*   *   *

In Massachusetts, the Alewife run between late March through May (when the water temperature is 51 degrees) and Blueback Herring run from late April through June (57 degrees); both species use the Little River to spawn at the freshwater Lily Pond.

The river herring begin their spring journey by swimming from the Atlantic Ocean, traveling through the Little River brackish, marshy basin.

Little River

River herring travel upstream to the little pool just below the Lily Pond, where they then swim up the new ladder, called an Alaskan sea pass, to spawn.

Here the adults will stay for about three to six weeks. Unlike salmon, which spawn and die, river herring that survive spawning take the return trip back to the sea.

Lily Pond snowy spring day

After the baby herring hatch, they live at the Lily Pond anywhere from one to three months. Once they have grown large enough, the young herring begin their journey to the Atlantic Ocean, first migrating down to the Little River basin, which is a mixture of both fresh and sea water, and then slowly out to the open sea to join large schools of Alewife and Blueback Herring.

River herring return to their home river to spawn once they become adults, in three to five years.

Beautiful Fish: Stickfish -By Al Bezanson

The stickfish was first reported in 1954, hence not included in Fishes of the Gulf Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953).  This curious fish is included here because the first specimen showed up in a trawl from a Gloucester dragger [M.A.T.W] The stickfish has neither scales nor armor plates, rather a thickish, rough skin that provides camouflage.  Color – brown to golden brown; mean length 3.5 to 4 inches with little variability.  Largest specimen on record is 6.4 inches.  Stickfish are often observed in schools.   Said to be an acceptable table fish, and like smelts, convenient, with no need for filleting and skinning.  Some have mentioned that the odd, rough skin has a crispy texture and pleasant flavor.

Pet of the Week- Bucephalus

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for sweet chubby-cheeked fellows like myself?


My name is Bucephalus and I came to Cape Ann Animal Aid after my owner could no longer care for me. Coming from a home, I’m not used to the hustle and bustle of shelter life at all! But I am starting to settle in and warm up to the idea of having to find a new home at this stage of the game.

Change can be scary, but sometimes it is necessary, and I’m trying to face this challenge with a brave face. I would do best in a quieter household without a whole lot of commotion. Now that you know all my baggage, just know I would gladly accept any of yours, too. I’m not the judgmental type at all!

I’m considered a Super Senior which means my adoption fee is waived. We also are assigned super powers, and mine is CHEEKS! I hope you stop by to meet me soon. Until then I’ll be here, waiting. To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Growing Up Salty

If you’ve taken the somewhat obligatory trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, you’ve no doubt ridden on the Pirates of the Caribbean.  And, if you have ridden that ride, you’ve undoubtedly left singing, “Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me.”  Well, here on Cape Ann, many kids grow up singing a slightly different tune.  For our lucky kids it’s a sailor’s life.

My boys are certainly no exception to that.  They are all about the water.  The love fishing onshore and off, they LOVE their sailing lessons out of Sandy Bay Yacht Club, they love paddle boarding, learning to surf, jumping off the Annisquam Foot Bridge, whale watching, beaching, boating, playing with their minnow traps, and most definitely lobstering.

So, it was no surprise that they were eager to help tend to the traps this weekend.  What was a surprise…no matter how much I love them….was just how long and how hard they worked.

Thatch and Finn, almost eleven and almost nine, clocked close to ten hours over the course of this weekend removing ID tags, retagging traps, and moving gear.  In all, they helped prepare a few hundred traps to get ready for this season.  They’re super excited…and they should be super proud.

In this short video Finn tells you a little bit about what he’s doing to get a trap ready….and you can see the giant stack of traps that they already tackled.


CFCA Teens Program

Cape Ann Wellness


Did you know that Crossfit Cape Ann offers a program specifically designed for kids ages 13-18? Whether you are a student athlete or a non-seasoned student wanted to gain strength, confidence and power, our Teen program is for you! CFCA Teen Classes are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays  – 2:30PM – 3:30PM. All classes are taught by knowledgeable, certified CrossFit Kids Instructors. Coaches Kara Gallagher and Jaime MacDonald  have a combined experience of 10 years as CrossFit athletes and 4 years as CrossFit instructors. They have the ability to adapt and modify movements and exercises for all levels and abilities. It’s important to encourage and foster a love of moving to make exercise a lifelong pursuit of enjoyment. We are proud of our functional fitness emphasis here at CrossFit Cape Ann. We value longevity and sustainability!

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Diet of the Mind

Cape Ann Wellness

#Ayurveda describes sleep as the “diet of the mind”.

Our bodies metabolize waste products mostly after 10:00pm and the immune system needs to revitalize itself between 11:00 pm and 2:00am, so it’s critical to be asleep during these hours.

Here are a few tips for a restful sleep:

* Be in bed by 10pm
* No electronics in the bedroom
* Avoid caffeine late in the day
* Try some deep breathing exercises before bed
* Take a warm bath
* Cooler bedrooms make for a better nights sleep

Contact Ayurveda Wellness Healing if you have difficulties falling asleep, wake during the night or sleep so heavy that it’s hard to wake up – as these are all signs of an imbalance. During a private consultation we can determine where the imbalance lies.

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”



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