April 7th

Saturday at 5:30pm and there are not three, but four PiPl!! The Dunlin is still here and doing everything Plover, it is so funny to see. I think we have three males and one female.

They were sleeping at the wrack line but as the sun was setting, more and more dogs. They don’t seem to mind people playing in close proximity, but then a bunch of dogs ran through where they were resting and so down to the water’s edge they flew.

Sixteen off leash between 5:30 – 7pm, and it’s an on leash day. I avoid GHB during the off season because of dog owners that allow their dogs to jump on you, but it is so disheartening to see them running wild through the dunes. So much habitat destruction taking place. How will the dog owners respond when they learn the Piping Plovers have returned and are nesting again at GHB I wonder.

April 8th

Total mayhem on the beach. Dogs are everywhere, on the shoreline, the wrack zone, and running completely wild through the dunes. One knocked me over. I love dogs but this is crazy. The PiPl don’t have a chance and it’s too distressing to watch them try and rest and forage and nest and constantly be chased off.

Precisely where they were sleeping at the wrack line, a couple threw their dog’s tennis ball right smack at the PiPl. So startled, I and the PiPl both jumped up half a foot, before they flew off. Of course the couple didn’t know the PIPl were sleeping but it’s just really, really frustrating.

I wish so much we could do what they do at Crane’s Beach, where during the off season, dogs are allowed on a section of the beach. And at Cranes dog owners do not allow their dogs to run rampant through the dunes.

Tom came back from a walk at noon and couldn’t find the PiPl anywhere, and he is really good at spotting. I’ll check back at sunset to see if the PiPl can be found. Praying and hoping they have found a safe place.

Heartbroken. No plovers at sunset, anywhere, walked from the creek to the hotel twice. Still chaotic with dogs. Will try tomorrow at dawn.

Pretty Mama Plover

The boys of spring.

April 9th

Hooray!! Daybreak and I found them, three Plovers sleeping all in a row! Hopefully will find the other PiPl and Dunlin later today. Emailed Ken Whittaker, Gloucester’s awesome conservation agent, and we are meeting this afternoon. The goal is to get a cordoned off area in place before the next weekend when dogs are off leash. Reminder to let people know to contact Ken if they would like to help this summer by being a Plover ambassador.

Three in a row sleeping this morning, with Mama in the middle

Large dead Black-backed Gull on the beach near the big rock and will move that this afternoon after I speak with Ken. We don’t want to attract varmints to the Plovers’ nesting area!


If you would like to become a Piping Plover ambassador and cover Plover monitoring shifts this season at Good Harbor Beach please contact Gloucester’s conservation agent Ken Whittaker to volunteer.

Thank you so much, and the PiPl thank you, too!!

Ken Whittaker contact information:

Male Piping Plover sleeping and PiPl tracks in the sand.

Cork and Canvas with Kathy Roberts

When: Friday, April 13, 2018
Time: 05:00 – 07:30 pm
Where: Essex Wine Exchange
91 Main Street, Essex, MA 01929

Please join us Friday the 13th, for the third installment of our monthly art and wine tasting series: Cork and Canvas. This month we are featuring Kathy Roberts. Kathy is a Gloucester native who specializes in water color paintings. Whether it is a seascape, landscape or fresh cut flowers, Kathy’s use of dynamic color is truly spectacular. Please join us as we pop some corks and admire her fine work. See you there. Thank you.

House Fire in West Gloucester Still Smoldering Monday Morning

The once beautiful home owned by restaurateur Steve DiFillippo, of Davio’s fame, that burned overnight Saturday to Sunday morning is still smoldering as of early this morning. The wind is blowing fiercely out on the neck.

To read the full story, see today’s Gloucester Times.

Off the Island

Sending some warm, breezy sunshine your way this morning from Riviera Maya, Mexico!  Went down to the beach for sunrise and it was a gorgeous, breezy 79 degrees…just us, the waves and the birds chirping.   A girl could get used to this 😀  (note to self…Camera + Air conditioning + Humidity = foggy lens..but I kind of like the soft, diffusion)  Happy Monday all!

Art Haven April Vacation Art Classes

Cape Ann Community


Each day is a different fun class!

Paper airplanes, Animation, Fairy Houses, Nature Lover’s Art and Painting Like Georgia O’Keeffe–we’ve got lots of great projects going on over vacation. Space is limited so we encourage registering soon.

Classes run 9-12 p.m.
$30 per class
Sibling Discounts and Scholarships Available

Visit our website for more information

For a longer day, Afternoon Crafts and Games is available as well from 12-3:00 p.m. More info on our website.

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