Sherry’s Corner Cafe

Cinnamon bun, grilled ofcourse

Spinach and asparagus omelette with stone of the best cheddar I’ve ever had

Good ole classic breakfast eggs and bacon with grilled english


Got to give Sherry’s Corner Cafe a try! Went this morning with Mr.E and we will definately be back. Located in the quaint, happening Magnolia. Find them on Facebook!



high res Fisk facade photoGloucester Meetinghouse Foundation shares news about its upcoming special event

“The the first half of the concert is performed on the historic 1893 Hutchings/Fisk organ in the Gloucester Meetinghouse (home of the Unitarian Universalist Church) and the second half is performed on the innovative 1989 C. B. Fisk organ in St. John’s Episcopal Church next door.  Six professional organists, related in various ways to Gloucester, will perform diverse repertoire on these two fine pipe-organs.  The concert will include narration about the work of Charles Fisk, the relationship of the players to the Fisk legacy, and a bit about how the two instruments sound.  A reception will follow the concert.”

Fisk Connection Organ Concert PosterRead the full press release Continue reading “THE FISK CONNECTION | A PROGRESSIVE ORGAN CONCERT ON APRIL 14 Gloucester Meetinghouse UU and St. John’s”

Support the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market – Dinner and a Movie Fundraiser!

There are still tickets available for Monday night’s Dinner and a Movie Fundraiser at the Cape Ann Cinema.

The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market was a recipient of the 2017 Cape Ann Community Foundation first ever round of grants. They were award $3500 for their project entitled “Fresh Food Access and Supporting Local Business”.

The Cape Ann License Plate funds this program through the Cape Ann Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit set up by the Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce to manage the proceeds of the Cape Ann License Plate.

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market loves Cape Ann and is proud to step up and support the Cape Ann License Plate at this event!

Somerville Mosaic Art Exhibition through April 7th

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Somerville Mosaic Art Exhibition 2018 – I recently went to Somerville Museum to see my friend Angel’s artwork at this exhibit. There, I came upon these beautiful mosaics created by two Artists from Cape Ann – Pamela Stratton and Mary Bowles. Both had a number of pieces there. If you haven’t been to this exhibit, I highly recommend it! 

Visual Art and Health – Medical professionals have increasingly recognized the role that creative arts play in the healing process. Arts in medicine programs are emerging worldwide. The Mass General Hospital’s (MGH) Illuminations program is an example of this.

MGH Illuminations – Good Morning Gloucester blogger and Photographer Donna Ardizonni currently has her photography on display at MGH Boston. During the June 2018 – September 2018 MGH Illuminations Rotation, my Annisquam Delight and others photos will be on display. Years ago, I attended…

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Cemetery Walk at Calvary

“There’s something about the confluence of springtime and death that feels right: life ends and life starts up in an explosion of pink blossoms. I’ve got grief on one shoulder and gratitude on the other…..” is a quote from author Ann Patchett that seems appropriate for a post about a recent tour of Calvary Cemetery in Gloucester.  I like to tour cemeteries, what can I say?


Each cemetery has its own personality and Calvary’s shines through as a large, open, well tended, very Catholic cemetery.  It was established by the Catholic Church in 1890, almost “new” by the standards of New England cemeteries.  And, as a Catholic cemetery you can expect to see crosses and statuary. These are quite magnificent.


Of course, signs of ties to the sea are prominent here. It should not surprise you to learn that I generally favor the older gravestones and symbols such as this beauty:


If you are caring for a loved one’s grave site, please be careful about plants.  Some can grow larger than expected and cause tombstones to tip, become unstable or hidden from view


For those interested in family history, it should warm your heart to find something like this at a loved one’s grave:


It means someone out there is paying attention to it.  These are potential cousins!

Some tombstones are adorned with photos and I like these as well.  011

There is also a trend in some places to put QR/barcodes on tombstones so visitors can scan for further information about the person.  Although I find this VERY intriguing, it also seems a bit out of place on a gravestone.

Many people find cemeteries creepy or uncomfortable, but I find a great deal of peace in them.  Give it another try if you haven’t done so recently.




Common Crow Event

Health Fair at the Common Crow, Saturday April 21, 10-4. There will be
fun children activities, free samples, hot and cold food and drinks,
educational talks throughout the day and 20%off sale of vitamins and
beauty products. Check out our FaceBook page for more details or call
Thank you, we really appreciate you!!
Karen Andrew and Susan Davis
Educators at the Common Crow