Kindness is still Rockin on!

A couple years ago I wrote about the Kindness Rocks project and I love that this is still alive and going strong in our community!  I found this little fella at the Post Office.   I did not take it because it had made me smile, so it’s job was done and I thought maybe someone else could use it.   This also made me think about what an awesome EASTER activity this would be for the young ones after the easter egg hunt was done.   It seems we have a whole lot of rocks to get rid of from the storms so why not grab a few and sit the young ones down for a little project then go for a ride and “plant” their kindness somewhere in the city!   There is a facebook page “Glosta Rocks” you can check out and share your Kindness Rocks photos.    Keep Rockin on!!img_8296img_8297

3 thoughts on “Kindness is still Rockin on!

  1. We do this in my community now too! Such a fun thing to participate in! I love seeing my rocks reposted when someone finds them! Brings a smile to my face! I left one in Gloucester on my last visit there.


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