Our winter resident Snowy Owl Hedwig finds plenty to eat along the backshore. Prior to taking off to hunt in the early evening we see her swivel her head and look out to sea, and then swivel around to scan the golf course. We wonder, is she thinking “Shall I have duck for dinner, or shall I have rabbit?” Here she is yesterday morning, face covered in schmutz, a happy sign to see.

8 thoughts on “SNOWY OWL HEDWIG MESSY-FACED GIRL -By Kim Smith

  1. Thanks Kim! I hope this Nor’easter is nothing to her and she stays safe! I do feel badly for the murres – hope they find shelter.

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    1. Sh’e made it through two, and now a third is predicted! Just know this sagamorgan, the prey die very quickly from the impact of the owl and because the talons are so sharp.


  2. These are very wise for a reason – I have seen a few this way myself after many years wandering…

    Listing from wiki quoted…

    “Typical owls
    Japanese scops owl, Otus semitorques.
    Oriental scops owl, Otus sunia.
    Eurasian eagle-owl, Bubo bubo.
    Snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus (A)
    Himalayan owl, Strix nivicolum.
    Ural owl, Strix uralensis (A)
    Little owl, Athene noctua (A)
    Long-eared owl, Asio otus (A)”

    🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    P.S. I do miss my Wise Owl Potato chips Quoted and sourced below!! 🙂 dave

    “Wiki history
    Sold to Borden in 1964

    In 1964 the Wise Potato Chip company passed out of the Wise family, attracting the attention of Borden Condensed Milk Co. Founded in 1858 by Gail Borden to manufacture condensed milk, Borden became a top dairy company in the 20th century, spurred in part by the introduction of its Elsie the Cow marketing mascot in the 1930s. After World War II the company became involved in chemicals, in 1947 introducing the first household adhesive, Elmer’s Glue-all. In the 1950s and 1960s Borden acquired a variety of companies involved in chemicals, paints, wallpaper, textile coatings, paper, and plastics. Borden’s lucrative home milk delivery business came under pressure by the 1960s from private-label dairy products sold at the supermarket, prompting the company to assemble a slate of supermarket products, mostly packaged foods, in a diversification effort. Borden added familiar brands such as ReaLemon lemon juice, Cremora coffee creamer, Cracker Jack caramel popcorn, and Campfire marshmallows, and in 1964 it bought the Wise Potato Chip Company, the leading potato chip company in the eastern United States”.”


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