Update: Got An Old Phone Activated. Lost My Phone Overboard

I’ll be going to the sprint store as soon as it opens to get it replaced this morning.


So if anyone needs me send a comment here or facebook message or email.


4 thoughts on “Update: Got An Old Phone Activated. Lost My Phone Overboard

  1. Joey! Maybe Apple should have a ring on their phones so you could attach a lanyard to it when you think it might get lost??


  2. Oh No! Sorry to hear! That’s how I lost my 2nd i-phone; it fell exactly into the tiny space between two boards of a dock at Beacon Marine. The odds of it falling ‘just so’ to go vertically through a tiny opening, and then all the issues I’ve had since with my i-phone 3rd and 4th i-phone makes me feel that I am just not meant to have a cell phone. At least, not an APPLE. It would be interesting to see just how many end up lost on the ocean floor.

    I like anonymous’ idea of a ring for a lanyard. Good luck replacing yours Joey!


  3. So frustrating. I left my phone in the Chicago airport before xmas and luckily had the find my phone app so they sent it to me in Gloucester 5 days later. The most discombobulated 5 days ever. Strange but what I missed most was grabbing my phone to look something up, like movie times or Wikipedia!


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