Lanes Cove Sunset

Ran out for a quick sunset last night.   The sun is setting farther to the left these days so after checking out a few of my usual spots, I decided on Lanes Cove where thankfully the tide was low enough to get down on rocks just before the sun dipped below the horizon!  BLM_3548-Edit-Edit-2

6 thoughts on “Lanes Cove Sunset

  1. Beautiful and thank you this is another location my spirit lives on. Where the wall is down is close to where my friend had his lobster boat. I spent so much time here 3 minutes from house on Washington street depending upon side. We could sled down duly go down the dirt road. Yes the tide is down when that rock close by is exposed up (and had tide pools and minnows crabs under them we would catch the landing stone little more to right. The hill where trees and sun setting in view was a bit of shortcut by Harvey’s oil to Washington street come out by the corner also had a dirt lane that went that way also go the old grave sight what view! Thank You! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    P,S. Love the flag placement too! My fishing side…

    Carlos Santana-The Victory is Won

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      1. Bless you and family Team spirit keepers you are!! You don’t know how much this means to me especially during the journey I am current facing on the path of life we all have the peaks and valley’s! Having a good memory is a plus just like I was there! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

        Quoted below

        “another great read gets better each time I re-read the book. This book is dedicated too all the elders, past and present, of the Coeur d’alene Tribe. The introduction and book sleeve set the journey (I-XI) quoted with permission Grandmother for my mother who have walked on.

        Red Thunder Book (2002) of Schi’tsu’umsk people Coeur d’alene Idaho, Neighbors to the South Oregon, with Ni-Mee-Poo (Nez Perce)Tribe.. By David Mathenson.

        “Red Thunder is a story of harmony: Man’s or Woman’s harmony with the natural world; peace unity of purpose with a higher power; and understanding all of life and oneself in it. It is a story of faith, courage, and togetherness. The deep and sincere feelings with which our ancestors conducted their lives, tradition and culture is the story within me crying to be written. The law was our tribal law and laws of nature. The backdrop of the story is genuine history-traditions! 🙂 “

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