FREE Hypnosis Lecture

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Hypnotherapy; Make Positive Changes Easier.Part of the Common Crow Natural Market ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Series. Wednesday. January 24th.  6 – 7 pm.  At Tree Top Yoga, 3A Pond Rd. Gloucester MA

Free, but Advance Registration Recommended to guarantee your space. To Register Contact – Common Crow Natural Market  at 978-283-1665. For More Information About Hypnosis Contact – 978-283-4258 or Email:

Resolve to Make Change in this New Year. The new year often brings renewed commitment to make positive lifestyle changes. Hypnotherapy and the use of self-hypnosis can help make it easier to get motivated to make changes, and then make it easier to also stick with the changes.

In this lecture you will learn – About the natural state of hypnosis, hypnotizability, and what to expect in a session. Case studies and evidence-based research will be presented. Questions answered.

How Can Hypnosis Help? What…

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3 thoughts on “FREE Hypnosis Lecture

    1. Thanks so much Dave and Kim! Besides my one-on-one hypnosis sessions, I have a couple of generic self-hypnosis recordings available on my website – ‘Optimal Wellness’ and ‘Relaxation and Sound Sleep.’ Besides helping with health issues, some of my sessions have helped people achieve their ‘bucket lists,’ which makes my work Joyful.

      ‘All the Best’ to you and Kim this new year! Thanks for following and commenting on GMG! You’re both fun and loyal FOB!


      1. Welcome! Dealing with some health issues here so will be off the blog for extended periods of time now. Keep up the great work sounds like you have all the bases covered here. Wish we had coverage like that when I played ward 7 then plum cove field always distracted by sunsets so beautiful! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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